If there wasn’t a teenage the life wouldn’t be amorous. It is the launch of entertainment. To love each other calling at cell abusing, quarreling and dating is another romantic part of love. No future, no job, no responsibility but dating calling him/her, compassionate for each other; whether s/he reached in home at time or not, whether s/he take rest in time or not etc. it is s precious moment when they are with each other.

            Dating is not the separate from love but it is the interior part of pungent relationship. Frequently what we try and expect is to meet with him/her at the place where there is full of love, emotion, silence and peace eternally. The dawn of love sets at the heart of the love one. We don’t think for ourselves but for him/her. But we have a responsibility in one hand. We forget all when we meet him/her. What is the power in love? I am confused and not getting the answer till now.

Love is the bridge between each other to establish, create, and join a new path to make the moment precious or smooth life. Curiosity of what s/he may be doing now?” if it is possible to meet him/her seam the hand of each other and walk slowly in the shore of the river, gossiping, leaning in the lap of s/he under a tree. No disturbance of parents, friends or boss. “Just we too” Why???? What kind of chemical reaction is between male and females love? All the definition are incomplete.

Now a days technology is running much faster so, each and everyone carry mobile. For couple there is no barrier as like the ages ago; neither they have to send letter nor the third person, it is secret too. There is no barrier, disturbance anyone either at home or at outside. It is the easy media. Not because it is essential, not because we are businessman, not because we are busy person; because it is the cheapest and easiest device, so each and every one carries it. It shows that who is calling when it rings, the romantic moment begins for a while. When there is the ring of her/him whether we pick up the phone/cell doesn’t matter whether we are doing urgent task. If you listened their voice only when they phone each other feels they are the different creature of the world, you can get such melody in his/her voice; chirping of the birds, couple and the conversation, wow! Try it once you forget all your pain, duties. You forget who you are, your humble, designation, honor, duties, cast but not the beloved one.

They care to each other, s/he had taken a lunch or not, which dress is s/he is wearing, gone for a lunch in time or not, sleep in time or not, read the SMS or not etc. in short each and every, daily activity which they do in their mini time as well. Topic mustn’t be needed for couple because showing hospitality and talking about the dress, food, parents are major topic. If we hear a conversation of a couple we feel jealousy for example:-

            “Everything I wanted seems meaning less…, there are other things to live for duty, honor.”

“They are not life they are the shells of life. And empty ones if in the end all they hold are days without love. Love is made by god.

“Ignore it and suffer from imagine.”

“Wherever you go whatever you see I will be always with you.”

Ah! Have you loved with anyone at teenage? Does anyone send you the feelings beyond physical body? Have you ever read the SMS of any lovers? But I have I want to share with you “sometimes the world gives me many reasons to hate it but whenever it happen I just stop and think of you and say; how can I hate this world when you are part of it?” the love .

Meet daily if possible or once or twice in a week, visit different cafeteria, it is the precious moment for each other if they are together. Sitting in front of mirror for a long time, trying different dresses for one date, different perfumes, creams, different hairstyle etc. they cares more to make their personality.

Love doesn’t means for marry. There is vast difference between the love of the teenager, adult and old age, because these all is learning stage. The learning process can be different it is the one through which we can learn to respect each other, obey each other, care each other, help each other and making the future by taking the advice of each other. I remember one SMS from my friend she tries to build my courage by sending “if you cant be the pine on the top of the hills, be the shrubs on the hill but be the best little shrub by the side of the hill.”

Note: it is not edited.