“If the entire world will die then I will be rich.”

A coward thought his success when the entire people die then he would be rich. He has no courage in himself. If he has a power, if he has the wisdom he would not think as fool; though in his sense he is right. He thought that he has courage so he is able to think such wish. The other people need to have a power and such expectation, they do not desire as like me. I am the great person, but I am not showing the power. When her husband will die, then I will marry her, or when her wife dies then I will marry him. When the teacher will go out then I will do that. They expect just useless thing that has no relation in our life that just creates the nonsense dream.

Why do we expect a lot? Does it have any meaning in our life? How does it relate in our daily life? How it is developing our personal life. How it is growing day by day? What result will it bring? Does it play the vital role in our life?

The question is not for the specific person, it is for the person who thinks for the future. Being busy does not means that he is doing right; no things are right until it has its weight. We need to make the weight when we do something, otherwise it will be as like the pouring the water at sand. Does it have the result, using the money in purchasing books and not reading? Does it have a weighty!

Nevertheless, if you do not have a book but you burrow with and read the book will worth a million, billion. It is just as acting and act entertain other, you will be loosing not gaining anything. Do not try to cheat other, cheating means killing thyself by your own hand. The audience will think that you are genius but you do not know anything. You are confused in yourself, then it turns into; “little knowledge is dangerous thing.” You will cheat those who are not concerned in that field, but when the turn comes then you have to face with the technician person of the related field than what would you do?

I am not getting the people in the confusion; I want to be people aware and able to create a friendly relation with each other. No one is perfect in the world. No people get that what they want then it is necessary to say that you are brilliant; you must know a lot of thing or say every creation of the world.

The pompous will creates from this from one person’s misuse of the word. You wish this what you can achieve and it is not necessary that you have to win. You are the simple learner of the world. Now a day the world is rapidly growing and the technology is creating various things in mille second then when will you learn. Is it possible then, why are you being proud? The PhD’s certificate is not everything but it is the essential part of the life. It leads you that what is right and what is wrong. If you learn something, it helps to filter the new lesson, your experience, change your attitude, your desire and your willingness to learn. The knowledge leads when you are hopeless, when you are in confusion. Try to get what you expect. Do not kill your curiosity make it the strength and go ahead to do what you expect. You will get what you want because you are also the part of this creation of the world. The garden will not created only with the help of the flowers; winds need to shake it; water need to make it grow; livestock need to destroy it; wind need to produce reproduction; and you and I need to pronounce WOW World!