In those days there was no social sites. We used to communicate with messenger. Which was very famous. Email was in use, we all used to exchange emails. I used to love it. I love to see at least few emails each time I browse email. There were many strangers in my email list, forwarding emails, jokes, poems, photos, useful informations and so on. I used to love it and from those forwarded email I used to forward to my email list. I have collected more than 1000 email address. I used to save all those email address from forwarded email.

Basically I use those email to send same kind of emails but composing paragraph and let other people readable. For example, while I receive email of all these notes, I used to compose one paragraph of email and than attach these bank notes than send in a bulk. In such way I was in a way building network with people. 9 years ago, I have had a good network. I received email from different part of the world, even many from Nepal. They were still in touch. Later on I stopped doing so because facebook was getting popular. There were very few user of email. Many people prefer hanging around in social site than in email.

I have composed this blog in those days. Now a days, composing blog is more commercial. I do not know where I stand. But still I am composing and sharing my experience which I found in the pavement of the city.

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