It was HBC FM when I had a talk with Mr. Pranay Shakya  Wednesday, 7-8 pm. Dated 2063-9-25 the question was


How could you show that you are civilization?

The answer of the Suraj was as follow

*  Politeness:-

*  Talk less listen more

*  Accept others opinion

*  To adjust with friends we  don’t have to suppress our prestige; like going to drink in front of staffs; fighting with other in small reason

o      Try to avoid what makes your reputation bad

*  Take care, about dress up because it plays the vital role in company, friends, relatives,

o      If we are going to disco we mustn’t go in suit-pant

o      If we are going at funeral ceremony we don’t use wedding dress

o      It is raining outside and if we try to sell a cup of tea that will be in your hand

*  Try to be us

*  Don’t try to show your value in front of audience

*  Try not to give the description with the help of little knowledge

*  Try to fit with situation

o      Talking about visa and debit card at remote and rural area that is useless

o      Talking Japanese with British: though you are excellent in Japanese but it is not necessary that you must talk with him. In such cases you need a capacity of acceptance.

*  Sight talking at group discussion

*  Being moody

*  Don’t try to make false belief.

*  Charming face when talking

*  Identifying  before keeping opinion

*  Try to share strong reasons when you are in group

*  To be literacy doesn’t mean civilized

*  Tempo driver may civilized than doctor, officer,

*  Qualification is not the shape of civilization


Note: This is original words I have not edited. Though HBC F.M of Nepal is closed now.