Here it begins,

“Am I seems pretty?”

“Is my dress matching me?”

“Are the people looking at me?”

“Am I seems sexy?”

“Am I seems handsome?”

“Does my hairstyle is attracting others or not?”

“Should that boy/girl looking at me?”

“This pimple is making me ugly; these eyes are making me this and that etc etc.”


            I am confused from the moarning; I am not getting what is inside the dress up?

Is every thing is a dressup? What is the meaning of cute? Who are cute? IS every one are cute in this world or the people who wear the new fashionable dress, tie, suit, or the mini dress are only cute? If the people can be judged by its new, modern dress or the fashionable dress then should someone let me know what is the boundry for it?


How to measure the beautiness? I am not getting the instrument to measure it. I am watching from the necked eye in the moarning, afternoon, evening either in the night. But the same figure same style and the same dresses which attracts the shape of the body. So, if the people are attracted from the dress then should I say she/he is cute? When I usually walk or travel in the micro vans, buses, or the footpath, I usually see the people in the different dresses. Those dresses which makes my eyes to see them. This turns my head to see that. Then I usually ask myself; “Am I wrong that I am not changing my dresses as according to the new market?”


When the people go here and there then more than the occasion the people cares his dress and the style of his performance. The party will be the occasion for their new dress, hairstyle, make up, shoes, shopping complex, price etc.etc. But it is not the problem for me. The main problem is that what is the limitation or say the end for it? If they go on doing this thing I do not see any achievement in it. If the people do not be conscious today then it will be too late for them. If there is some limitation or say some end then it would be easier for them. As the people are now a days wearing amazing amazing dresses some wear totally as like the big bags, as like that was not made for them, means unfitable, want to show the parts of body as much as it is possible and they can. Some wear sando vest with the half pant as like the bikini, whan I walk then I thought why the people are not thinking in this matter. The competation is too much. In my opinion something must be done for it; for an example the limitation; end for the fashionish people who wear short short dress like vest and skirt they are won only if they be naked and walk in the street then they won. If the people who wear baggy dress are success when they are able to wear the pant as down as they meet the knee. No we must not block or protest on the dress of the people either that is boy or that is girl. Let them do the dress up as they can but till the limitation the boundry. Boundry menas allow them to wear the dress as they like till they are nekate or till they are satisfied by their dress up.



Fear means silence killer for those pompous. The killer for jeolous people.

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