I have been thinking of writing you this letter since few weeks but was not able to manage time because of my exams. We know the fact that “different people of different nature think different way”. Similarly, it is aforementioned to us that we can change our own attitude and the behavior very easily. It doesn’t take a lot of nerves to bring changes in you and cists nothing. You just need to think and make up your mind. Try to know what other people feel and think about you. You should be aware of this seriously. So, as a good friend of yours, request you to change yourself. The way you behave with others is not the correct way. Please try to be what you used to be. I don’t know for what reasons, you have changed. If you have any problem, you can write to me and let me know the fact. But, for whatever I’ve heard till date from others, I am feeling not good at all about you. So, please quite that habit of being hostile. It gives nothing to anyone. Furthermore, the hostility and the anger are two major habits that no one should have. The crux of the matter is that if you keep on being hostile, it is sure that you are going to lose everyone and everything ion your life and you will be tomorrow.

Till next page bye,

: )