If I had the power and place then I would the change the world. I would not make this world the area; I would not make the territory. I would not make the king president or minister. I would let the people do their work what they want but by not hampering other. I would first make all the people literate in their work-study or say their interest. We all will are the equal partner in the world. No people are discriminated, dominated by other. Everyone should respect each other either old or young or child. Everyone must respect each other. There will be the independent business for each other. There will be no means or transaction in the world, as the money had already made the big violence. World war was occurring to show the power, to conquer the world. People will share their product share their needs with everyone then have the dependency in each other. I would not make the wine and alcohol. I would not make the destructive things banned the cabins, casinos, bar, pub.

The main thing I would do is make the people literate in this world. So, that they know that the life is fantastic journey in this journey we must not hamper other because one day he will be traveler and he will hamper other. I would not make the people to do this and that because they can do whatever they like but being conscious in the work. When the wine alcohol, money, treasure, fame, racial judgment, slaves, gender etc will vanish there will be no war. The world will be the garden of the wise person, no fear, no tension, no anger ness, and no mean etc.

There is lots of option to lead the world. Leading means making the people of the world slaves. When the word slaves enters in the mind then there will be the union there will be more than two teams and from the team they need to win to win they have to fight, when they fight there creates the plans to destroy, destroy means the vanish.

World president, hero, actor, criminal, student, servant, king, orphan, and widow, whatever will die? Then the fossils of the conspiracy will remain in the people’s brain then they transfer to new generation. Generation after generation it will goes on lasting. It will not end. Then can we imagine living in peace. Either the violence is with America, China, Nepal, Peru, Boston, Australia, Hong Kong, Russia, India, Pakistan, Switzerland, London, or any country it will remains somewhere in the brain so we will be frustrated indirectly.

From today, we will say ‘no’ for war, for the conspiracy.


SAY ‘YES’ for knowledge.

Start from you then it will planted to the world, do not think of other be wise and practice for the wise ness, smoothness to survive peacefully in the period of life.