A cup of tea,

Your love

A sip of lips

Chasing tongue,

The feeling,

Your image in eyes,

Gentle smile in corner of lips

And memory of – that lip

I am dying –

In memory

In feelings.



I am alone in this world,

I am surviving with my dream,

I have not seen you

Neither you

I have not listen

Nor you…

But we love each other

Without our presence

Without knowing each other

Without listening each other

I am blindly happy.


I do not who are you

I do not know,

Whether you are born or not

I do not know

Whether you are seeking me or not

I do not know

Even you love me or not

I do not know dear

I am blind in your love

Though you are unseen


You may be a source of love

You may be combination


We are not together,

So, I always love

As I do not know whether it remains

Until I meet you or not

I am loving you

So, where ever you are

Just feel it.


I am spreading my love

Through old people

By helping helpless people

 By listening child

By feeling pain

By feeling sorrow

By talking in self


When you see old people


Poor people

Helpless people

You can feel me in their heart.

I will remain forever,

Though I die,

You can feel me dear.

As I am remaining forever

Just for YOU.

Saturday, 13th September, 2008