Today is Sunday September 14, 2008 Shit!! Its 8 o’clock in the morning, I need to be in front of Kumari Hall. I want to know why we forget. Yesterday I fix the date with my friend, we are meeting in the morning for cinema, but I sleep late morning. I always wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning always but why I wake up late? Anyway, I wake up and when I see the SMS of my friend then I was sock that she is reaching near cinema hall. I went to bathroom and take a bath did fast toilet ha ha ha…. There is no time to do piss as well. Anyway, I run from my home without informing anyone. I was running, she rings me I was at Bhakatapur but I said that I am at Koteshwor. I get the bus thank god it do not wait passenger. I sms-ed her when I was at bus, I asked her how could I convince her? She replied she is angry so I have to cheer her! I deal with her by sending message. I seek her in the compound of the cinema hall, but she was not there, I ring her she come in. when I see her I started talking her bag and t-shirt that’s really nice so, I do talk her. She said I am changing the topic. Actually I do not have any thing to convince her, but there were my words. I do use it and I shared my all truth to her and she act like that she is angry but she was not angry

I do remember why girls are so lovable and their innocent feelings, their trust etc, I do remember most of the times and when I meet any girls I do seek it. Though they are reputed person, celebrity, married or unmarried or whatever the girls are. I found this with my most friends and some of them do not have. I think everyone should carry this character not girl or a boy. It’s essential for every human being. We ate something inside the cinema hall and have a gossip.

Sano Sansar started, remember it is my second time I am watching it. I like this movie this time. Office hour begins and my cell started to ring. At a same time Maya ring me and asked to meet her at Naag-Pokhari. I said ok after 1 hour. we came to fun park and have haluwa and other hand made food (I mention Haluwa as I have it after a long). We now are heading to Fun Park to play Rote Ping; she scared me before we sit for it. I was quite terrifying as well finally we sit and have a fun it is my first experience after a long. I have played in my village when I was child. We played swing as well before it start I laugh with one girl in group she got scared when it starts swinging. Wow! It was really a fun. I love it. It will show people’s hope and they can evaluate their heart from it as well it is not the measurement tool but it is one among many. We again went for Rote Ping. It was a good time. Yes, it was a fun. It was the time to go to meet Maya, I ring her from her cell. She was at Shanti-Nagar with scooty. She does not have any destination. We make a destination toward the Bhaktapur road. At a same time my brother rings me. At a same time I block my cell. When we reached to sallaghri then I said to head toward Nagarkot then she did. There was no enough fuel we seek at Kamal Binayak, we do not get and she said let’s move we will see later what happens. Wow! I love the way she drive, chasing buses, not listening the horn of the vehicles, and overtaking the buses; do you know how was she? Ok. She was like a Korean, with scaff in her face, thai-cut hair, gazal in eye, no lipstick, fitting pant, thin sweater, ummnn, she was pretty and she is frank as well. She says what she disliked, that is her plus point. We were heading up to Nagarkot, with trees, gentle air, clouds, memory, destination, our first ride (sorry, she is just my friend, she trust me so we went for travelling.) feelings, and the combination of one girl’s feeling and mine. Wow! We never stop our lips and ear. Finally we do not go upto Nagarkot we sit with the pine tree and a cup of feelings, and a sip of speech. We shared our past. When I heard her story I got amazed it is far different then others feelings and experiences. I was wordless, no words at the time. It started raining then we came with sloppy road and bye-bye of the road where we went together i.e. nature, me and Maya. We went for pustakari but she lost the way so, we came to Thimi and we went to restura for lunch but the noodles was (I was amazed with the taste of Thukpa) then I shared to drink a cup of coffee at Kaushaltar she agreed with me. Siddhi send me message so, I ring him there was no tower so we ring for more then 4 times. Finally she was also late and I went up to Koteshwor.

I thank to clever and lucky girl (I was shocked to see my mailbox that there were no emails) I do not regret to walk with her as there was no works and responses of my email. So, I walked with a courageous girl; she meet me in the 2006 eve and before 1 month then it is third time, I like her she trust me.

Sid and I came to home and mum come from village, ask her the situation about the villages, and eat twice a time rice as it was testy. Do you know I love to play with words so that they start chasing me? And there will be scarcity of words and I would learn new words; when they fight then there comes a stolen moment as like we kiss our loved one unknowingly.