Blog, I am writing this from more than one year. Sharing with friends, writing feelings, being happy by seeing comment, analyzing experiences, grasping different ideas etc are the common way of making and decorating ideas, expressing words in any way we can so, that it’s readable. This is what I am doing.
In the early morning I feel that is not necessary to write words and publish it in site, and share with friends. I am wasting my precious time by doing this. I should have given time to something else like building mind, learning ideas, being beneficial and so on. This is what I think in the early morning. Yes, I am giving a couple of hour for this daily. I do not think I am achieving anything then wasting my time. I was getting satisfaction till last writing. Now I changed my mind. Yes, I changed my mind, I am not sure whether I am writing or not, ok, say I am writing diary for self, to see my life in coming days. But I may not write this, publish it.

Anyway, it is just the feelings not moere then it. I keep writting, so, that I can know use my time in using keyboard, pen and brain including world wide web.

Till next sharing bye,