She judged me, after knowing my age. The words changed, drastically. Yes, I am always evaluated by my age. But it doesn’t mean that I must not evaluated, I must evaluated but by my deeds

and feelings. What I express in my daily conversation and my tasks. I have courage and I do not afraid of words I do not think I will be late in talking with people, so, I do talk with any people I meet in this world. I sometime talk with animals as well. yes, it is true I talk but they just listen me. And they obey me, nothing more than it. I do not follow such rules which are still coming by copying generating after generation. Somehow I analyze rules and follow it. It does not mean that I do not follow any rules and tradition. I am not proud I know it but I talk against what is not, and it seems that I am proud. Why and for whom should I be proud? I do not see any with whom I should be proud, I do not see any one of this world than my own parents. I am saying this with my experiences and from seeing and by thinking in it from long. Rest of the world is not for you it is for your words, your talent, your network, your money, your geniuses, your love, your kind, your anger and so on. But friend or any one who is reading this, feel it for a once whether it is true or not. Why people need a time to be close? Or, why they are far after sometime? And the reason is they do not like his/him behavior. So what are they looking for and do we seek, one reason of war, is same, dislike and ego. Have you ever noticed it? It is not that you have to believe me at least you have to feel it so that you know the truth. It is not necessary to know the truth but at a same time if we talk in this matter than we should talk and think in it as well, is not it? We never talk about the lifestyle and the environment of Jupiter (it is planet) did us? Because we have no relation in it and we talk in such matter which is related to us and which makes us curiosity, curiosity if we also fetch such problem or if we also be like that. We start comparing with it, then feeling appreciating it. I can talk far better then one leader or any good speaker of this world. Yes, I can. It is not my proud. I can make a good speech.
Ok, enter in the topic, yes, my mother is mother whether she is illiterate and I hold degree of any subject. I cannot judge my mother by my qualification. If I am taller then my father then I am not his brother, he remains father. Yes, we do not judge like this. Truth is he has a experiences, mother is filled with lots of love, and pain for her son, patience, calmness for husband and rest, that is not with me if it is also then that is of her, that belong to her. She appreciate me if I do any new thing and I share with her it does not mean that she is smaller then me or I am elder then her as I did such thing which is not done by my mother. Let’s not create boundary in self, so that we need not necessary to worry and be aware in every moment. I accept what people gives, I give what I have. I do not have boundary in myself. Yes, I do not have…………… what you are thinking it is true, yes, in that as well. I do not think there is such things which should be kept safely and which is for future.
I have read a bulk of books but I cannot say each and every words of it. Neither I can write same words but I can write similar words. In a same manner we are copying the generation and modifying it unknowingly in our own way, how our mind change. And we are saying this is universal truth. How this is universal truth you read a 10 pages of book and interpret in different manner and those hundreds of tradition and beliefs can you copy? Aaahh! Why we are not thinking in it. We must have focused in our deeds than our boundary and criteria, we should accept what comes in front of us as everything happens for good. It is only the truth of this universe, ok, email me or ring me if you are agreeing me, I am ready to discuss, let’s share so that we can gain from it as well. We are not doing more than learning in this life. We are just learning.
No, words can touch me, no feelings can hurt me, no emotion can kill me, no truth can rule me, I knew something, truth of this universe, so it is easier for me to say such words.
I know my beloved you are not with me,
I always miss you so that you start chasing me with your words,
I chase with your sentiment,
I hug you when you are angry with my words,
I kiss you when you are concentrating in your own task,
and you gently shame with your unknowingness,
wherever you are I miss you always,
when playing – flute, harmonica, whistle and so on…
if you were with me you simply laugh in my child nature,
I know you are innocent,
I know you are of shy nature,
At a same time,
You deserve my warmth,
My gentle lips – for yours
Beloved, me too,

I am not surviving for you,
Neither you,
We need each other so we are,
This universe is nothing then platform,
We are here so it is dancing,
I am alone,
You are alone too,
As we have not met each other,
You are my dream girl,
…..I have no image of yours,
As I will meet you in coming days.

(It is the feelings of yesterday.)