I am getting tired with this world and the son and daughter of every people; selfishness. Where ever I go I just do find it. I do not want any more relations. We are alone in this world and we remain forever, it is one thing which makes that we are not alone and that is our society and same people around us. We are in a bunch but it does not mean that we are one. We all are selfish, for our selfishness we do talk with each other. I do not talk with those people who are not necessary for me. I do not mean that I do everything for selfishness, but unknowingly it shows that I am doing every thing for selfishness, I am wearing different dresses, choosing whether it matches or not, weather it feats or not and so on. We are doing lots of thins for other not for self. I mean same thing. I am being used by lots of people, reality is this. I am happy for other and suffering from my heart. This is another truth.

I am watching myself since one week, where am I spending my time and what am I achieving? The result was………………ha-ha,…. I am laughing when I am writing this. I do not know why but from my heart I am being banging that I am wasting my time. It is truth for now may be in coming days, it may change. Next to me some of the girls are chatting and they are enjoying in it but this is truth for them; another truth is they are seeking boy of same age through chat. And I am evaluating myself from my deed and expression and feelings from this internet. I mean when I sit in front of computer I be totally blank, it will be my better time to think, sorry to say that but when I be in toilet I get time to think. This is truth, do not take it negatively.

It’s nice I am avoiding lots of things. I do not know where it leads.

Till next words bye,