Feeling from heart, reading things and situation from eyes and to express is nice combination. Am I writing about penpal? Am I judging someone whom I exchange emails with? Am I exhausted? 

I meet people in the pavement of the city, train stations, now a days in social sites, blogs, article, stadium say anywhere. I met a blogger from Philippines. We exchanged culture about each other’s country. We wished New Year of 2009. Oh! Everyday email exchange is about their lifestyle, education, family, domestic violence, relationship, and how do they spend their leisure time. Such question which at least would make me feel like I am there and know everything about that nation. I felt I knew most of the things regarding her country and she is familiar with Nepal.

It was 14th of February (Valentine’s Day) she come up with good news that she met her valentine this year. I wished her good luck and shared that I am so happy for her happiness because she wants that. It is usual that she got more busy again with her own life, she is college student too. 

When we laugh the whole world is with us.

Life is full of joy.

Once me and my friend were talking in the one corner. “If you laugh the whole world will laugh with you if you weep, you weep alone”. He joined us by saying this quote. According to him, he is so much interested after listening our conversation. Don’t you feel this is the sweet truth in front of us? I feel good when I am part of their peer friend. I want to see everyone surrounding me should be happy and joy whenever they are. 

I heard about Tapoban, Balaju, Nepal as well which is aashram of Osho, I was once regular visitor on Saturday satsang. It feels relaxing after a long week half day for self. After meditating we used to have prasad at Sujata Kitchen around 18:00 o’clock I used to return in transportation provided by Tapoban. It’s like private vehicle, everyone singing songs and Bhajans. I never miss that moment to celebrate.

Once I went to Swoyambhu with bare foot. To feel. I feel really happy that I enjoyed that time. I have visited expenses café of Kingsway to learn how to eat and the new and different dishes. Arranging money to visit such cafe was challenging. I used to cut my budget and manage it. Everytime I go I have same routine select new dish-pay for it-stay for a hour and enjoy the beauty outside the window.

I have my identity as poet while I was at Charikot. People used to say me “Kabi Bhai”. Spending hours in the bank of river, in the middle of street, temple or jungle. I used to walk alone, wear unusual clothes (i.e. people notice me). Everyone used to take bus early morning at 5 o’clock and I used to walk alone in the dawn, even in winter or rainy season. I used to sit alone in class sometime I used to stand for a whole class. I have liked girl from but she was too elder than me, I proposed her her response was ‘Suraj you are late”.

I wrote one poem that was from Bimal dai. When my friend see that poem they do not believe I wrote such a poem. Then I started to write poem. Took participation in poem competition, that was good inspiration for me to write. I keep on writing and publishing in local papersI used to read article of D.P Bhandari in sapthiak. There I found appropriate words and those words goes to my diary and I used to use those words to my poem or my story. It was how I begin writing. May be this is also the same thing I am repeating. At least I feel that I could write whenever I feel that I must write, I never keep my feelings in heart. I pour them either by poems or story or just feelings or sketch in white sheet. ….

More in next….