Today I am at home. I did not made any plans for this Saturday, neither did friends. I am waiting for call of Shikha. (these are the words composed yesterday). She did not ring neither she respond my sms as well. I tried her cell was switched on too. I sleep late night, tried to read novel, I read few pages then I sleep, radio was on. Gokul wished my birthday, after 12 O”clock I switched off my cell.

Today 31st of Jestha 2066 and today is my birthday as well. My date of birth is 31st Jestha 2043.  I was supposed to wake up early and go somewhere and rest for a while, but I choose safe side as if I went then parents questions a lot where am I going for what purpose where you will eat and all, so I sleep for late. I wake up and ironed clothes. After a while ate rice and sit infront of computer with nepali folk song.

Within last year 2065  I want to remember what I have done and what are left to do.

  1. I went to tour with Ranga Nepal for 3 days Pokhara, Bandipur, Chitwan. Where Dr. D.P Bhandari, Amrit Bhadgaonle, Sashi Sigdel, Poet Manjul, Swornima, Shristi, Bivhor Baral, Saprem Archana, Tagendra Magar, Shree Om ‘Rodan’, team of Emari travels association with Tourism Board. It was good experience for me I learned a lot in that travel. I knew that Emari Travel have a package tour of Rs 500 for each destination, they did this to increase internal tourism. For the first time I went Pokhara  and Bandipur. After few days my exam was nearer but I went.
  2. Amrit Bhadgaonle write journal in Kantipur National Daily, there he wrote about me as well.
  3. In ECS magazine my group photo was of the same travel.
  4. In the magazine of Ranga Nepal cover and last page I was there in group photo, and was my story published.
  5. My family had signed contract land with Sanjay Kutu (Nepali Film producer) but he lied with us actually he has no land at all. We give him 5 lakh in advance but he used that money for more than 7 months. Finally I started to deal with him and I meet him at Thimi and did not let him go, he has cash in his vehicle then he returned our money.
  6. Organized program at gurukul, Purano Baneshwor; there we sold ticket of drama “Karnali Dakhin Bagdo Chha” Siddhi and me did it, here we get name of Kehi Garoun and for charity we did this for the support of Koshi Flood victims. We have to sell tickets around 300 but we have no manpower it was quite hard for us. But fortunately it was last day of drama and everyday media was focusing the drama review so the croud was eager to watch this drama. Fortunately we luckily made our program success.
  7. In the next day article was published in The Himalayan Times, adding my name. Its my 3rd or 4th time.
  8. I failed in examination.
  9. I purchased mini-handy cam. My plan is to travel different places and capture it and give it to media. I did not succeed in it. I will continue it this year as well. I used that camera in the wedding ceremony and in dashin, tihar.
  10. I increased my hard disk in computer, I have to save all my movie clips in computer and edit it for it I increased hard disk and speed up ram as well.
  11. went to Charikot just to enjoy. We sleep at Bus at Midnight.
  12. I started to email all known and unknown peoples via email. Most of them say bad word to me and most of them enjoyed as well. When I get forwarded email from other I used to compose paragraph and email it. Most of the emails I compare with Nepal and email it. Those emails were different then other, this is like awareness program. I did this for more than four months. I update my blog ( and and started to write blog as well. In my email signature I wrote my office website my contact number and my name. A lots of email friends phoned me some of them are still in touch some of then said not to send such email some of them are not in touch, with some of them I meet and they are not in touch as well.
  13. I made 1600 and more email address. I used to send email regularly to them.
  14. Ramesh Sharma was the one who used to send me different kinds of email. He was at Dubai. I meet him in email and when he returned Nepal I arranged his one night stay settlement. I also sit with him for one night.
  15. I purchased a lots of books but completed none.
  16. I resigned from Kehi Garoun and I be board member of same office.
  17. After resigning I joined Premier Finance, Jawalakhel and started to work full time.
  18. Travelled in motorbike upto charikot.
  19. Once we were drinking at Baneshwor, after that day 2 day was holiday so in joking we went to Charikot in motor bike at 9 at night.
  20. We chased girl and talk with them, play swing, at Dolakha Festival.
  21. When returning from charikot I see one girl we were at Charangee, we take our snap. When returning I throw sheet of paper showing that girl, there was my contact number. In the next day she ring and we talk for whole night in our cell. After few weeks we meet and she was crazy with me. She has a boyfriend as well  but she wants me. Now she is not with me. That was attraction of my life. She was crazy with me.
  22. I watched more then 80 english movie, once I used to watch every day. All were knowledgeable, and those movies were award winning as well.
  23. I enjoyed with my friends in funpark with sukkha roti, tarkari,aachar, and a cup of tea. I loved back side of airport as well.
  24. I watched the aarati of Pashupati Temple in the evening for the first time.
  25. Enjoyed wine, different expensive café and smoke, and all. Once I enjoy my day with friend in different café with Carlsberg beer.  I taste Carlsberg beer, sizzler, for the first time.
  26. Purchased guitar, but I have not learned till now.

aa.  I fall in love with one whom I liked before 2 year. Eh He! She is Shikha.

bb. I buy dresses what I liked

  1. Scarcity of money from 1st Baisakh 2066

dd. I went to rome along to Lumbini. I have just Rs. 1500 but I went alone with my camera and handycam and traveled with harmonica hoot of public transportation and my one day travel.

ee.  This year I did not enjoy English New Year at Thamel.

  1. I take leave from office and went to roam with Shikha for half day.

gg.  Among all of my contacts I do not meet three friends Krishna Pokhrel, Jyoti Rai, and Pragya Thapa.-


Anyway, I tried to remember all my incidents and evaluate how far am I. this is only tools I found to know my capacity and what have I done within this year.

I had switched off my cell and there was a lots of sms-es I enjoyed a lot and feel really happy. Shikha ring me as well. I was at Central finance Kupondole. It made my day.

 May be I enclosed with my other friends are meeting at FunPark in the Evening.

Thanks for all who love me.