Hi all,

In the context of Nepal – we are far from many facilities even we do not know from that disease we are suffering from. I am sharing one true story of one child here it goes like this- Ayush is a 3 years boy of a middle class family from central Nepal. Ayush’s parents were so happy when they got him as a first baby. But happiness did not remain longer. Since 3rd month of his birth, he has been suffering from jaundice cause by Alagille Syndrome.

You can directly follow above link for this http://www.ayushmaharjan.com.np/ Several efforts were made to cure him and many doctors examined but not able to properly diagnose. He has then taken to India for treatment and the Doctor recommended him for liver transplantation. It was recommended 2 years ago. But due to lack of financial resources and lack of proper knowledge about the liver transplantation, his parents postponed the liver transplantation. Currently, he is suffering more and needs help from you. Your suggestions and supports can save him. Please help him by sharing your knowledge, experiences and resource that could give life of a young child. Few of Ayush family are helping him. Now, his father is planning to support such liver suffered people of Nepal in any way he can. In Nepal there we do not get better treatment, one can transplantation liver, from India. How is it possible for the low economic status people. Pls forward this message to as many as you can as we need to start supporting such children. It is not the story of Ayush only, one day this problem suffer in our family as well.can happened in your family as well. I am sending this email without any selfishness; I can do whatever I could for the best of the society.


CHEERS for you support.