Thoughts, feelings, emotions and expectation grow with joined arms. How we were living our life? I was not weighing it. I was happy with what I have in my life. I do not feel that I have to give priority to it as well. Life was more then enough for me. Not only that I was success in my every steps as well. It is boost for me in my life.

 Time passes. I was parallel running with it or time was parallel running with me. Anyway, I crossed the year 23 by last few months. When I was at Nursery there were 43 students, among them I remember only two class mate and when I was class one there were 40 students among them also I remember not more then 5. Accordingly there were many classmates and I remember many. When I was at class 8 I remember many faces; few were closed and tea friend in Saturday. Only when I was at +2 there were all good and close friends.

 I complete my +2 and headed to city for my further study. We were 16 friends at a time of collage completion. I am with few friends only. Among many some started to work and some are still continuing their study, some failed and are at Charikot, some went abroad to earn, some went abroad to continue their study, and some are in government office.

 I am at Finance and I talk about profit and loss, shares etc. I worked in charity organization and feels that I have a capacity to lead an organization. Not only that sometime I feel to work at Humla and Jumla for the sustainability of villagers. I have not done yet but I have brainstorming to do work.

 I feel that may be time has come. Friends also started to progress in their life and some are seeking opportunity to build up career. Slowly, time has come, to lead this nation either by being in any sector of nation. Some friends are kissing success from now.

Every one has expectations in their life. When I was child I used to say that I will be Mechanical Engineer (D) but now

“I am working in totally different field,

 I am reading different then what I like,

 I am working with what I do not enjoy

 I am thinking what I do not like.

 May be, this is not what is inside heart,

but there is somewhere what should be,

time will come,



every lining beings….”

 Yes, every one have a chance in their life. Life is too short for those who do not think and enjoyable who feels life as a bird. Yes, life is filled with journey. Journey of love. Journey of pain, Journey of suffering and Journey of self.