From school days we three friends are together in most of the moments. One went to Pokhara to study Forestry after completing School level, another went Dharan to study Engineering and two of us stayed here in Charikot and studied Management. During festival or vacation we four used to meet again and spend quality time. Almost everyday, we used to be together. In this age, we are much more focused on education, on the other side joy and adventure. Our regular duty was to joke, discussion, walking from one corner to another part. Our same routine while we all meet cracked jokes, discussing about Mao, Che or the review of English movie, criticism of Nepalese political context, current situation. We feel like we are expert on all those topic. Healthy discussion was

We are four sometime five sometime six and sometime single. Like the pillar; each pillar contains its own significance. Either me, Siddhi (chane), Gokul (Gule/Chadke), Ramsharan (Todee`). These are the pillar of gossip.  We all deserve each other, Sometime we quarrel and do not talk for a long time as well. But it won’t lasts for long time, we are for each other. Again same routine -gossip, laughing, daru, mojo, cards, discussion, travelling in bike, sharing movies, chasing each other, dominating each other for fun, facebook chasing and other entertaining activities. We all do such activities to enjoy every moment of life.

I do not know my own character how could I know about their? They love me, or not, they deserve me or not, they want me or not or etc etc. I have no concern with all these. We are human beings, that’s all. There are other friends as well in our friend circle. Some like Gokul, some like Sid, and some like me, OH! I forget some like todee` as well.

Inbetween whatsoever, we are not together but we are together when in need, either physically or emotionally. We are enjoying every moment of life and will enjoy in coming days. Friends forever. 🙂