2066/6/24 I have collected the information of patient (Ranke, Rolpa); Chandrakala Rana. I have made a paragraph and information from them. This information is collected with directly interacting with Patient’s (Chandrakala Rana) husband Sarvajeet Rana. From last three month Chandra kala is ill, body is swelling. They do treatment with local doctor, but there were no changes. They went to Dang for better treatment and waited for result. When there was not any progress in her wife’s health they have decide to come Kathmandu by selling their property. Without any reason Chandrakala is ill, body swelling is her symptom. Before 14 year she was suffered from Tuberculosis’ and after taking medicine for 18 years from Dang Hospital she was recovered. Its second time she is hospitalized in Teaching Hospital in one month. In the very beginning they come to Teaching and after the treatment in emergency ward they were discharged. They paid Rs. 3000 at Hospital. Though doctor said to take medicine and it will recovered but again the disease increases. They went for better treatment in Alka Hospital, hospitalized for 8 days. During one month she is being hospitalized for 3 times. Now she is in cabin of Teaching Hospital and within this one month’s duration they have spend Rs. 59,000. He is walking with cash Rs. 1,000. According to Sarvajeet Rana he sold his land of Rolpa worth Rs. 60,000; currently he has Rs. 1,000 cash in hand. None were seriously ill like this before. Chandra Kala is only one who got serious illness. He has 9 family members with father mother and one son with four daughters they all age below 16 yrs. Meanwhile she is hospitalized in Teaching Hospital and her infant of three months is in Rolpa. Professionally Sarvajeet works as porter; from it he earns Rs 150 per day and works for 20 days a month. So his monthly earning is Rs. 3,000; disposable income per member is Rs. 333. It depends on time sometime he have no works to do. Though, food grains are major source in family but the grains are not sufficient for them; with those crops they eat for not more than three months. They are waiting in Teaching hospital for some magic or some person who could show them way for Chandrakala’s treatment. Once they have come to Kathmandu from Rolpa Rankh VDC-3 for treatment, they still do not know how long does it takes to recover. They have no more money and no more people to ask for money and no more land to sell…….