Walking in street alone,

riding in bike alone,

working in office alone,

eatng alone,

travelling alone,

reading alone,

facing problem alone,

laughing alone,


wow!! I love this word alone,

as in adverb,

as in verb,

as an me…

WHY??? I have no answer of this word alone. I like this word a lot; may be I wanted to be alone or may be I am alone or  may be this is misery. Whatever it is I love this.

When I go to cinema hall I love to be alone and watch movies whether they are comedy or they are emotional. Want to laugh and emotional. I enjoy what comes in front of me may be this is what I love. I feel that we must enjoy life in any way I can. After watching movie ‘Into the wild‘ and ‘Cast away‘ I feel that I can live alone and enjoy. But sometime I feel may be I am in town and fed up with these hectic schedule and same routine works.

I want to roam around the world. Before it I want to travel throughout Nepal. Most of the places of Nepal are heaven. I love peace. It is one reason I want to visit different places. I will take photos or movie and like to do solo Photo Exhibition. Now I am working at Premier Finance but I do not think this is proper place for me. There is no more work for me as well. Yes, if I could put my thoughts then there I will enjoy my job. But I enjoy in lunchtime, when eating lunch i.e momo, noodles, cholia aachar cheura and bhatmas or whatever.

This is only life we get so why to feel sad or disappointed with life. Why we fade up from life? I do not see any reasons to be sad. But before it we must understand what time is and what is infront of us. Here infront of us also indicate time. We must ensure that we are happy with what we are doing, rather then being upset with self. There is external factors we are unhappy with. Why we should blame?

Life is full of joy. Lets enjoy life. Either by being with self or being with whomever we are.

Alone I found one of the easiest way to live life.

Cheers!! To those who read this..

More in next,


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