When I used to learn RJ training in Mandikhatar there were 6 friends and among them I am still in touch with Bikal and he is from Kathmandu.His interest was to be Radio Jockey but unfortunately he can’t as he have no communication and link with such persons.  I am sharing his email I liked this email. Here it goes.

“Hey man, how are you ?im so happy because you are still in my touch but those friend who are with me at the time of training are  slowly moving far from me .
PRANITA is busy in her job she has got chance in FM in her own village at kavre . shiva has got marriage before four month ago ,he didnot invite us. rojita, sita , Deepa ,and Rekha are not in my contact. so how about you? im still busy in social service .  i heard that Gurukul is going to be closed due to its internal misunderstanding, is it right? .I heard that it hasnot its own land so, plz give me the true information ok and how is your work going on ? Im still interested in anchoring but in Nepal we havent got any chanceitself ,those person only get chance who has power , position and money did you understand what im saying ?, so we have to hide our interest, talent and many more,   hey man we have to struggle but the word struggle is only good in dictnary because htere is no one who can motivate us. ok man at last “DO GOOD ,BE GOOD “and stillremain in my touch.BYE.     ”

Then I response his email. It is nice to get such a true friend. I am happy to get him.  Bikal we are meeting soon.


More in next update.