Peace may be defined as the process of acquiring the values, the knowledge and developing the attitudes, skills, and behaviors to live in harmony with oneself, with others, and with the natural environment. Peace is fundamental right of every human being. Children are not only the future of the nation but are the present as well. We all have equal responsibility for creating a favorable environment for overall development of children and for ensuring their rights. Children and peace are interrelated with each other; without peace children are unable to go school. From last few year children are kidnapping, killing and using in domestic war, and household works. The state should guarantee the food, shelter and clothes as well as the fundamental rights of all children; the orphaned, helpless, child at risk, and abandoned children. They are heart of nation because it puts education at the centre of its work for peace between children and their communities. Children can not wait for tomorrow. The name of children is today. The state should guarantee fundamental rights and peace environment for children. State should provide the access to education, guarantee free and compulsory education in the constitution to all children. Government should practice declaring “children are the Peace of Zone”. Don’t close the school in the name of political interest by any one. Guarantee the rights of child education.. Don’t discriminate children in any place by anybody in terms of race, caste, language, gender, color, religion, culture and differently ability condition. Political parties and their sister organizations should commit for implementation of “School as zone of peace”.. Government should formulate the special program and guarantee for better future of the children at risk, those doing low level child labor, abandoned children, armed conflict victim and affected children and street children and children associated with armed forces and armed groups.