I am happy that I have you. Now you will be with me when time comes. I am sure that you have thought about future too. Because everyone is aware that they have future standing in front of their life. Also, I believe you know more or less about me. Still, I would like to share you the only thing I see in future is happiness, happiness and happiness. For that we both have to be satisfied. And we both have to be prepared for everything – everything means how we will move ahead, how you are planning to take your life ahead. What you want to do? Is there anything you would like to get support from me or those things which will make life beautiful? This all seems stupid question love, but if you take 2 minute and think you will get answer of your own question. I know everyone is living life and they are happy as well. They have luxurious cars, flat, bungalow or whatever but in my life I will just focus on happiness, smile, joy, satisfaction, togetherness. I want to sit with family for breakfast every day and finish the day having dinner with family. Sharing the day, making the plan, watching TV, reading books, warm and nice sweet small home. This is my dream, and it cost nothing. It just cost your trust, dedication, smile and support. You know something this is hard thing to get in life because we are suffering from varieties of problems which is unrelated to our life. And if you are free we try to origin something to think and be in tension. This is human nature. Even this is on me too. No one can escape from it but it can be managed.

You don’t have to choose your life partner as doctor, manager, businessman, or someone who have big money. If you want you can choose that life but remember listen to your heart and decide what it says. Don’t regret once your chance is gone from you. You know love, you can get and achieve whatever you want. It’s simple and easy but you need to listen – your heart ‘do you really need it?’ or you need it cause you have seen it. If I gave you what you wanted which you have seen it that is valueless in day or two. That’s why you wear some clothes for 2-3 years and some for 2-3 weeks. Clothes you like you wear for long time and which you don’t like just for 2-3 days or week. I am not being greedy, what I am saying is if your heart says something express it that will come to you. Because there is possibility that’s why you have a feeling of getting it.

These all logic might be too different for you its totally different but here is truth dear. Just feel it. I know when we sit with friends we never have such conversation. When we are in pub or drinking wine, whisky, brandy we never have such conversation. Even when we meet a friend after long time we never have such conversation. We look everything common, we seek same kind of conversation. Like gossip with friends, like partying, like dress, like outing, like cinema, like sleeping. But at a same time somewhere in your mind if you keep this; this will lead you to happy life. I am sure. Whoever comes in your life he have expectation. The difference might be I am sharing it with you he might not share and that is the main reason of misunderstanding, dis satisfaction and domestic violence. I don’t want all in my life, sometime is fine but not those misunderstanding or domestic violence. Everything should be clear and every little thing must be shared. Always give respect to everything that will give you respect back.

I am not greedy or have big dream in my life, but I will say I want successful life where people give respect to me and I should make my family happy. There is nothing much to do in life. Simple life – happy life. I never meant that I don’t want social life either. I want to hangout with friends, cook for them, invite for party, but beyond that and to do all these things we have to be strong either mentally or financially or physically, we have to work out for it. That’s why I am talking about plan, although life will go on and on and on without plan as well, and many people are surviving in that way and they are happy with that. They are dancing, drinking, enjoying, going for holiday. Beside that if we can do better than what we have, why don’t we use it. we have everything we need. So, let’s have a beautiful life if you want it. There is no rush because this is about spending life and tomorrow you cannot change it. If not me there will be someone in your life at least if you could feel all these things and share with him he will be very happy at least you will remember me in that time. I would be useful in that time. I will be proud that you at least read it and try to implement in your life.

Dear, it’s not necessary to take it so serious, you know all these things and mum always keep on repeating these same lines from childhood. I have said nothing new. I am rewinding, if it clicked your mind at least you will have a beautiful life. A small thing can change people’s life hope my small thing might be helpful or might not be. I am happy that you gave your precious time for this long message, or you might be waiting for it. Whatever, we will meet at some point of life if we are not together. We will smile with each other, say ‘hi’, ‘hello’ ‘how are you’ ‘how is your life’ smile and head toward own direction. You will spend your life without me and I can spend my life without you but it is different to spend with someone whom we never knew and someone we already know. Something might be compromised, something might be changed between us there is nothing impossible in this society.

I met many girls in my life, I will be honest with you. I missed someone whom I want, I left someone whom I don’t want. That was one age, it’s not only me even you have many to run after you. Many you thought were nice one many you left behind. Some of them might be having beautiful life, some of them might be still struggling. This is part of life that happened because that was not for you. Now this is time to be serious and begin life. Life will begin once you come in my life. Life will begin when we both will be together and spend second part of life. Third part of life will be our second or third generation. May be we will be too late to see third generation. Still we have to suffer, we have to face problems, we have to struggle and we have to be happy at a same time. Life is not easy as we thought meanwhile because of all these problems, struggle, and suffering- life will be beautiful. This is like summer’ after cold and snowy winter. It is always beautiful. Happiness will be waiting us somewhere. Definitely, there will be happiness. There will be definitely tomorrow though its thunder, rainy, stormy or snowy night. Off course there will be clear and sunny morning. Still birds will sing, seagles will make noise, mountains will smile, clouds will dance, and you will wake up open the window, smile and drink a cup of tea. This is called beautiful life when you have smile in your lips.