I only live one life. I always feel there must be happiness around. Also, I am prepared for back –dark phase of life. There is no doubt what you sew that will grow. Some seeds will grow really faster and die faster too and some grow slowly even they have to die. When we try to make something we just think about that thing, as an example when we love someone we just think to be together. Everyone agrees it. Let’s take it in this way, when we do something or love; let’s think about ups and downs, pros and cons of love. Also, let’s add is it necessary to achieve that love? Absolutely correct. Yes, we should achieve our love. That’s why fall in love.

At a same time, there are various love stories, one Hindu girl loves another Muslim boy, one Christian boy loves hindu or muslim or seikh or Taoist, or Jain or any another religious person. They both fall in love with each other, they know still they fall in love. They just see heart of each other they just see care, love and joy, cherish, happiness, and the smile when each other misses each other. This will be an extreme moments of life. They even say this is an extreme and happiest moment I spent in my life with you. Definitely yes, even now you are thinking about your love (either wife or husband or girl or boy) very few relationships are successful in this world from long time. There are many stories who fall in love had a good time and at the end of the day they have to get tears in eyes, suffer. Many examples are there in the world after break up with loved ones they have spoilt their career. Love is something which comes from heart. At a same time frustration, conflict, disagreement, religion, culture is something which comes from mind. Here mind and heart start conflicting inside human body. Now after sometime there will be discussion between each other which religion/culture to teach our kids. They don’t say your background is from this religion or that culture and mine is this or that. But they can’t find solution. Some day they find out the relation was not working out. They don’t have love which they have in the beginning. Because there is no feelings, one or both becomes cold.

This side I am talking about. Which many people feels really hard to cross, when they are in love. One of the lover knows that when to leave. Leave in the middle of nowhere. Like middle of ocean you hardly see from where the sun rises or sets. Where the sun rises in the morning and where the water is flowing. Even you can’t die easily if you are just left in the ocean it takes time. It takes 10-20 or 30 days even few months or a life to forget that moment. Moments is memory, and memory is picture which you can’t delete from your mind or from your heart. We can transfer love to another one but still it is in the mind. That’s why we miss our old days, old love, and old moments which we spend long time ago. Because those moments were really alive and that’s what we want in our life. Although, we even didn’t bother to say I wish, I could have approached though there was conflict! In between whatsoever, rather than being choosy or moody or greedy or selfish,-  better one should have been calm and could have approached. This is bitter truth, this critical phase will lead everyone’s life. This may lead to good one or bad one but not the best one which you could have with recent one. More we change our love less there is the value of love. Whoever comes in our life we can think our past and feel I did a lot in that time still we cant be together, still I forget that love why not you.

Human’s mind is so corrupted and we have small heart very small heart but big love. That small heart always deserves to stay calm for whole life but it keep injured, pinched throughout our life. Either by mum’s words, friend’s informality; feeling low; day dreaming which is not true; by words which we don’t want to listen; failure; embarrassment and so on. There are many things that injures our heart. Many small small incidents in our life keep pinching this heart. This is the reason we people are cruel. This is why we see cruelty all around. As a result we reach in such conclusion to give is nothing and we forget we have heart. This is the reason we do not think before we hurt other, pinch others feelings. We don’t even bother to respect other people. Cruelty leads our life.

As I have understood this small things, you wanted me to realize that you can’t love me. There is no point in crying in boiled milk, I won’t get that back. As a love I have to care you and make sure you are happy without my presence too. Get marry or fall in love with whom you want that day tell me you have someone I will go myself from you, but now it’s my responsibility comes in my arms regarding you. If you like someone still it takes few weeks to fall in love with each other. No harm in talking with me. Once you are on him tell me. Or I will know from your level of happiness. I will go myself from your life after that. Like I said I am not that bad whom you immediately have to stop talking. Like I start I only live one life, and I did many things to see someone happy- it’s you. That’s why I still love you indirectly unless the time you go into him.