It is good to have some plans for the next step, but it is hard to catch the hand of someone and run back to him, behind him though you run in front of him but is not easy and satisfactory task. The parrot daily says that I am as good teacher like you but there is some reason that I have to follow words and say whatever you teach. Hey fools do you think you are doing, showing good by keeping me onto the cage.
The feelings are the greatest weapon in the world but we try to conquer it. “WE FOOL.” Yes! We are great fools that we try to keep our feelings inside something; as fear of parents, teachers, friends, enemy, well wishers etc. So, may I say this we are not saying what we try to say, we are not doing what we like to do, we are not doing what we really like, we are not showing what we try to show, we are not taking what we try to take and we are not living how we think to live. Am I right? It seems quite philosophical but it is the truth of the whole people.
Some one likes to kill. Some one likes to die, someone like to hurt other. Someone like to rule the country, Someone like to conquer the world. Someone likes to love all the persons of the world. Someone likes to be multi talent. Someone likes to be famous playboy. Someone likes to be secret treasure of the world. Someone likes to be a great criminal. Therefore, are they doing what they wish? Whoever say that is impossible and that is dream only then s/he is surviving in the world, they are not living. To live there needs a satisfaction, satisfaction means to do whatever they wish, there is no boundary for the wish. Wish is create through his/her daily activity as the child does not thinks to earn money when it is 5 or 9 months old. Thought can be creating when he knows something, when s/he learns something. It can be possible when they get the environment. Thinking the environment around him also creates something, s/he is not in the environment.
I am trying to make the anyone conscious because in this maybe I guess 10 percent of the people are conscious other are busy in the job, money, prestige, designation, competition, fear of death, enemy, enjoying outside in the pub/club/disco/cabin or wherever they are. Nevertheless, are they doing what they really expect to do? If they are doing what they had dreamt; what they had wish then its fine.
The parrot is not happy because it relates with someone, the owner of the cage, who is giving shelter, who loves that parrot. The person is keeping the parrot either knowingly or unknowingly that it is not happy with him as he cannot do whatever wish. If something is dependent with other things then it is so complicated. Complicated in this sense, we cannot go parallel. Either he will be late or I will be late. Then, can you do your task smoothly and thoroughly? “Absolutely not.”

You are familiar with love. Everyone know the meaning of the love; even the child of the 3 month, if the mother laughs then he throws all part of body and do he…..he…..he… aheee. ….aheee… So, love is the essential part of the world everyone realizes this and everyone are hungry for love of every people. Most of the people are eager to get the love because it is the energy to do something. You can share that thing which is not possible to share to parents and get the suggestion, idea or the entertainment from it. You can waste your time easily by talking with it. You can spend the time with the favorite’s one. Ok, love is the essential part. Do you agree? Have you ever realized that you are in chain? Napoleon Bonaparte had also said, “Man is born free, but where ever he goes he is in chain.” It is one assumption, and assumption does not remains same it changes according to the time. We change it.
To be in chain means love is it?
Lots of the options and feelings are with you, you are right. It is the reality what you think. Because you do not have the fear of anything; did you think to your loved one when I questioned? No, you did not think to anyone because you had everything then why is it necessary to share with someone and decide. Didn’t you have the power of the decision?
Yes, to be in chain means love and to love means to be in chain.

(July 19, 2007, Unedited)