I feel good to share and help everyone who are in need, who are around me. It might be you, he, she, or any stranger who is looking for my helping minds. It might be by giving my words, knowledge, wisdom, love or any help I can. It is part of my life to see everyone happy around the world. I always feel everyone should be happy in this world and that is only possible when we start caring other. When we have love for each other. It is to understand that we all should learn to respect everyone, i.e. elder, younger, old, even there is life in non living being. You give respect and love, you will get same as a return.

Always, share if there is anything which we are unhappy with, which we don’t agree, which bothers us. It is not necessarily to think who he or she might be but always it is very essential to put our opinion thoughts. That will stop conflict between us. We are all fighting, in the name of peace, justice, power, but the truth is there is personal selfishness hidden. Which won’t lead to right direction. It is very important to be specific and crystal clear in our opinion.

Even there is no need of arms, weapons or law is needed if we start practicing “always Love, Respect, and Peace” everywhere. This is only the way which will lead to peace and happiness. There will be celebration in everyone’s home. There will be music in every night at everyone’s room. There will be joke, love, sharing, and smile, peace in everyone’s home. This is very big thing in this world now. We can see people are being more egoist, cruel and selfish. But aside that those all people wants peace, love, and respect.

Our eyes are given to see things beautifully, which brings hope, smile and peace in our heart and mind. Let’s start imagining the world without weapons, evil, selfishness. It is possible only I, you, we bring that in practice. This will spread throughout the world. This will grow as the religion of humanity, civilization, and culture.