It must be so called “odd” topic which I have chosen. ‘Blame’ is only relevant topic. As we know in our daily life we blame everything for life, faith and time. Recently, one of my friend was working in good company for a long time and few days ago he left his job; his salary was so good, facility was good, he was satisfied, even colics were friendly too. When I saw him he mentioned me that he quit his job. I was not surprised because it’s people perception how people take life as. They are free to lead life as they want. As in a same way he was free to decide what he really wants in his life.

Today he is happy I can see that but the people around us we are questioning, “why did you left that job”? His answer was “it’s my faith, god want’s that. God is finding me something good. Waiting for good opportunity in my life. Everything happens for the good reason.” His ready made traditional mouth reply.

This proves it is really easy to blame god. (Here god represents every religion, faith, belief) In Between, whatsoever blame god. At least it is so easy to escape from the problem. I think it’s really easy to bring hope in everyone’s life because there is the word “God”.

Put a Blame on god!!