Yes, you are selfish. Here selfish includes me too. It is true that we all are actually so selfish, very selfish. We really don’t care anyone in the world except our own selfishness. We do everything for our own selfishness. We are that much selfish beyond you have some work related to him /  her you even don’t bother to talk to him. Even ring him, even informal talk. I really don’t understand, how selfish this world is. Most of the people whomever I have met they are so much onto selfishness. Just to use each other. Just to be happy using other people whoever they met, whoever are around. If you are not used that’s great no one bother to try. Let’s keep in mind if you ignore no one bother to touch you, even try to use you. And funny thing is you will say “God will look after me, he will see everything.” I will say thick mind you are another fool. You yourself is god, what are you waiting for and what you expect in your life? If you are thinking about miracle, that won’t happen. Just think calmly, do you really think there is something that will come and change your life? Unless you do something? It’s not me everyone in the world feels it.

In our circle there are many people they are really good in using people are we are so good to be used. The best way of taking advantage is being nice with everyone. Be nice with the people who are around you, that’s how people are taking advantage. Either in work, either as a friend, or as couple. The best way is to communicate and use some good common lines which are in use,

“You are so good, take care of yourself”,

“you are so caring”

“you work really good”

“I have never seen such hard worker”

“he is really good student”

“You are so understanding”

“you are so soft”

“You care me, thank you for being with me”

Nothing, just these cheap words but very precious words make you slave of someone. That might be me, you or anyone. Trust me, to seduce someone, to make someone yours be cheap, use cheap words. Just be calm and think how people are using you or you are being used? Though you know you are being used still you can’t stay away from it. Agree? Off course you have to because you are being used so badly. You are treated so nicely you can’t be bad with anyone. So, you are soft and you are being used, you are nice so you are being used, you are nice so someone is taking your advantage.

Someday, you realise you are many steps back, that time you will regret and even you will find out that it’s too late to change yourself. You have no choice in that time still you prefer choosing same path being used by someone. You are used to with it.