Now, the dream begins in our life. We exactly know where it is coming from. But we don’t know how we are dreaming? Whether it is possible to achieve it or not? Whether every one of the family member will be happy or not? That doesn’t matter we will dream.

“I will be doctor in future.”

“I want to be social worker in the future.”

“I want to be engineer in the future.”

“I want to be judge in the future.”

“I want to be social worker in the future.”

………..and so on.

These are the example when we are in lower secondary grade. Story of our school life. Next year another class teacher will ask those plans will change or remains same. But still we have our future plan. Still we won’t stop dreaming. Slowly, time is moving, we don’t realise that practically but we always try to be smart saying, time is passing, it’s moving, every seconds of our life is so precious. We say that but the truth is we won’t realise this unless and until we know, where we missed the track of our life. The major thing we do in our life is “big talk” always big talk. We want to win. We have learnt to win. We have to be better than others in our circle. It sounds good among us. Do I realise that, that is effecting my own life? Do I realise that I am doing less and talking more in my life? Only few people in life realise this because at the end of the day, while we grow up we realise that where we lost our way of success.

It is bitter truth that we want to be doctor, engineer, pilot, social worker, teacher, any officer. Also, Pilot, commander, crew member in ship or will go abroad and study technical professional courses. Or there are many more future plan. This is the age when we even don’t know what is the meaning of that? What is our capacity? What grades we need? How much it costs to be that? We feel “where there is will there is way” but sometime will is so less in front of way. There is no way to move ahead. Many dreams have shattered in people’s life. But they won’t still stop dreaming it. That is the reason, why we want our kid to do whatever they want in their life. We let them free. Because we were damn unsuccessful in our life. We always pretend we are happiest family in the world. We are the best in the world. Because our suffering has taught us a lot. We don’t want our kids to see the suffering, trouble, problem which have faced.

Here is one best part of our childhood. Our parents have lots of expectation, desire and hope. So, even kid have not started or even not in that track they start feeling glad and praising them. Our parents start helping them supporting them. They are more happy than we are’ they even feel glad even sharing kids future plan with friends, neighbour or  relatives. Everything seems so organised. Parents start counting days. When will their kids achieve their future plans? they want to see their kids achieving their dream. The tears of parents are waiting to see that day. Every mother at every family prays in the morning to see their child to be happy.  At a same time I will wait for my school life to complete. I will dream how and when to achieve. Start researching about those famous personalities. I will do my best. But many of our dream shattered like pouring water in the sand.

It is not that easy the way you are thinking. My life is so complicated that what even I thought. I am responsible for my own life but it is so hard. Today, when I realise that the water have made its own way and it can’t be changed because it is not water now; it has already turned into the river. To change the way of river is impossible. More than we imagined.

Today, I am asking myself, is money is everything? Or wasn’t my dream was that important than money, society, family or relatives? There is only one answer, I am responsible for my own life. Every human being in this world had got liberty to choose their own life.

(Unedited blog)