The evergreen conversation in UK among international student is “Home Office”, “Rules in UK”, “Educational Institute-Revocation/suspension”, “Visa rejection”, “Settlement”, “Raid to search illegal immigrants”.

Whoever, you meet these are the common conversation topic “what is your visa status? How long is your visa? Or what are you planning to do?” Student of Asian countries wants to come in developed countries especially in UK, Australia or New Zealand, USA. We, as a student need big amount of money to complete higher education, or education in the university in abroad. The fee of university is much more higher than what our parents earn in 5-10 year time. Very few percentage of people can have maintenance fund to continue education for their child. Still, parents support their son and daughter.

Apart from education system, we as a student have to panic with home office rule regarding university and college suspension. Many International students can’t complete their education just because of it. No one will take responsibility regarding rules and educational institute revocation, Curtailment of student. Thousands of students are affected by it in last 2-3 year.

As, a student, we simply want to ask home office, “What is our mistake in taking admission to those institute and in the middle of nowhere they are revoked. Why we receive 60 days letter to change sponsorship?” How are we student related to that? Why are we victimised? While we apply for the college, first off all we had meet the criteria of educational institute, second home office criteria than we are allowed to stay as a ‘temporary residence permit’ until our course complete.

If I have one more month to finish my semester, I will be effected because I need to submit my assessments, dissertation and wait for awarding body certificate which will take more than 2 months. After that I will be able to apply. Not only that if colleges are revoked in such time while Universities or college do not have any semester, what student will do? We appreciate their might be some fault or mistakes of educational institute but how will we ensure that we made the right choice? In UK University or college can revoke any minute. Most of the college and universities are revoked or licence are suspended because of student’s criteria. Recently students who have attended Test of English for International Communication(TOEIC) are treated as committing crime. There are numbers of students who have done it by purpose. Many of the students have also attended IELTS test in order to prove they are capable in english. So, just only because of some students who have attended TOEC college will be revoked. Not only that attendance percentage of student is another major reason behind this. Although, there are number of students who are not attending college or have TOEC, why we are affected by it? Why the rule of UK can’t save genuine student? If we look at the major home office reasons there is no internal teaching methods, syllabus or teaching module. There is nothing to do with college and it’s teaching pattern, syllabus, or following rules and regulation of home office.

Is it fare just because of some bogus student we all keep changing sponsor twice or thrice a year? This country is said to have very strict in law in regarding any cases. Aren’t we are customer for UK? We are buying service in your price each year even after that we have to face such a difficulties. When we wake up we have to read the rule of Home office in UK is changed! There is new rule for International student. Why we all have to suffer just because of one or two in the university/college? The policy of Home Office must not effect include Genuine student. It is better to punish or only they should be effected by it. Put those criminals to jail. We are Genuine student who is attending classes, submitting assessments and want to get degree. We have done nothing wrong! On the top of that there is 5 year cap. We students are tired of changing sponsorship because of college or University revocation. If we have studied continuously we can complete degree in 5-6 year and go back to home country.

Each time we pay thousands of pound while changing sponsorship. There is no guarantee of visa but still we have to pay full university or college fee, which is non-refundable. We have to be responsible for our visa. Home office keep revoking college. We have to bring money from back home. Here, if we were not effected by college/university revocation, we could have completed degree which is our main intention to come in this country. It is very hard to sustain in UK much tough. Student have to bring money from back home in order to survive in this country. While we have to change sponsorship, either in a month time, 6 month time or end of academic year it costs more than £6,000 each time. Once university or college is revoked we won’t get the money back. Every students from first semester to final semester will be effected by it. One month makes a lots of difference in life. We are completing our course still we have to change sponsor in 60 days. In 60 days we even won’t get our progress report from awarding body. Students are even not allowed to work even 10 hour a week. It is better not to come in UK to continue education. Those students who are continuing their education are struggling to complete degree.

Home office won’t take responsibility, we have to forget all expenses including college fees which we had paid to college. It is better not to include everyone; punish those students who have done wrong, but not everyone we have to waste a lot of money. The money which parents/ guardian have in back home, it’s again time to bring in to UK. But there is no probability to rely on any educational provider. Although they are highly trusted, home office can revoke any time. We again have to find another college. Education system and International students keep changing their colleges that is the reason they are in same level from last 5 year or unable to complete their education in 6-7 year time. It is home office liability to ensure genuine students must not affected by college revocation. Existing students should at least allow to complete their course, and college must not issue any new CAS to the students once they are revoked. Currently the trend of college revocation and home office is very serious. Home office will shut down colleges in 2-3 months time or one year time, colleges will issue all CAS which home office have provided. Once college is revoked college wont return the fees which student have paid during admission. This is secure source of earning money for colleges. Open it, shut down, again open new college home office will shut down. Playing hide and seek between college and home office. We students are badly affected by rule and taking more than 5 year even to complete Bachelors degree.