I feel warmth, welcome and love in this small but bright room. I feel so relaxed after long  shift. I see out of window, cool breeze, fresh air and dark night with rays of light from the houses around this place. Many things come, many dreams come and I enjoy this moment. My legs are hurting after a long day shift I feel relaxed when I stand by this window. There is just good and positive vibes around. There are many things to feel miserable, horrible, upset and sad. But why should I be sad? There is no point of being depressed or sad for past moments. Just smile just love and happiness. There is always good things accepted in this world. No one in this world like sadness, pain, anger, jealousy, moody, or upset. If there is something I don’t like or I feel angry still I keep smile in my lips that will change everything. Someone who is standing with me will smile with me because he have no choice, one have to reply with smile. What I give that’s what I get as return. That’s why always respect every single living or non-living beings in this world they will love you. They will think someday and smile with you. There is no doubt try it. There is no harm in smiling, there is no harm in saying sorry and there is no harm in saying leave it. You feel blessed while you forgive. Because this is what we all are trying to do in any way. Either by earning money or working or even though if anyone is born rich still they keep themselves busy because that will give them satisfaction.

What made me write this “Flat mates next door and downstairs, they always are upset in small things. Before how was your day, how are you, do you want glass of water, they start complaining different issues which they see all day and husband have to listen it. He is speechless, he can’t even say I am tired let’s talk later on. I feel so sorry for them. I don’t want to compare my life with them. There is little baby I don’t know what she will learn. People here they talk about culture, religion and civilisation. I am surprised, why they don’t try to love and respect each other. That is everyone’s first culture, happiness is religion and peace is tradition. Even at work everyone ask me I have never seen without smile in your lips. How are you so happy all the time? I reply them, I just love, respect, and see happiness in everyone at the end of the day whoever are around they are seeking for happiness.” In between, whatsoever that makes me happy!

Anyway, I imagine how those blind and orphans, disabled, paralysed people are happily living their life. We don’t have time to think about that we never compare our life with them we feel sorry for them but any time we might be in that place. So always love, respect, happiness and believe in self. I compare my life with tortoise how it can survive for 200 years? Tortoise is slowest reptile in the world, it have life for 200 years with such a heavy cell in body. Still he hides his head and still smiles and survive happily give birth to baby if they were upset with their life they would have stopped their generation.

Let’s love, let’s respect and be happy. The world wherever you are standing is happiest place we will ever find.


(P.S. Unedited)