I am happy to keep my family photo in mobile wallpaper and screen saver rather than yours. I know how selfish you are. Even after I have faced your attitude, love, care, temper, good moments, beautiful moments and lovely unforgettable moments too. But I miss my mother more than you, I can feel tears in my mother’s eye, while she is drinking sip of tea in the morning, worrying before she go to bed whether I have eaten in time or not. Her love is pure than yours? I can feel, she always remember me while she has a bad dream, I can feel she want to see me in the evening while everyone in the family member are having dinner, even though she know I am in abroad. I can feel she want to iron my clothes, and make it ready before I know that. I can feel, she is ready to sell her ornaments if I need money, I can feel she know I am drunk still she acts she doesn’t know. I can feel she is always worried about my future, though I am in good position. She feels only she knows far better than anyone else about me, which is true. It’s not only because she give us birth, also, we are too close to her. Actually, it’s better to give all love to your mum rather than giving to those beautiful looking cute girls, with sweet voice. Once she is yours, yes, you can trust her, – but it’s too early to trust her. You never know what excuse she can make and only thing you can say is “Oops!! I shouldn’t have trusted her so quickly.”

I have a different experience, regarding this mobile phone screen saver, even social site status and cover photo or profile picture. I am not greedy in thinking but, love of parents is the only true love in this world. I have been through different phase of life, from very difficult to very luxurious. I always found mother’s love is such a different and always same. Same in a sense she still think I am baby who is careless, want someone to look after, who needs guidance, who needs more protection and still immature, any many more. I really love this. I really love the way mum talk to me. I really love her guidance, and she always praise me, push me and ask me to be more careful in every steps. She is never angry in anything. She is always worried whether I am hiding something because there are lots of rumour about abroad, especially about UK. I love the way she ask me about the current situation and life of students in UK. I even don’t have a clue but she always tries to find out what is the truth regarding my lifestyle in UK.

I love to talk with her for an hour-an hours in different topic. Every day she repeats same question still I am love to repeat same answer, but still she is worried, she will ask and is asking from last 4 years. Sometime, I talk about, lifestyle of UK, system, teaching methods, visa processing system, how hardly people work here, how painful here is life of old people, how people give respect to job. Sometime we talk about girlfriend. One best thing is I never hide about someone whom I loved and I always loved her curiosity,

“Bring her in Skype, I want to talk to your girlfriend”

“Mom, what will you talk with her?”

She simply replies, “like I talk to you, what is the difference between you and her? She is also daughter of someone so why you are not allowing me to talk with her?”

She is really cool, strong, and have a big heart. The love which I get from my mother is I can’t get from other girls. (Here I am representing girl as mother, even my girlfriend will be mother of our child too, but I found some kind of selfishness in her. Not one two most of them I saw they have a lovely word regarding parents but not for other.) I don’t mean they are wrong but I have a right to say at least there must be equal love for everyone.

If I be honest, there were few girls who came in my life. They loved me a lot. But, I have never seen their love as us. I have never felt same love for our parents. I am not saying that I am the only one who love parents. Even after marriage I have seen many people they want to be happy as you and me (as a couple) but not as ‘us’ as a family. It will be more better if we are happy with everyone, your family my family everyone together.

Here, I love to remember, Romeo and Juliet, Laila and Majnu, even Khalil Gibran, whoever they are, all love story is between you and me. None of the love story belongs to us, as a family our family, where there is uncle, aunty, sister, grandmother, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, whoever  are in our family. I might be to child to understand their love story. Although, if there is no love for family that love must not be great as we are reading, or watching in the movie these days. Our dad and mum’s love story must be great too, they love each other, I can see them happy everyday, I can see them loving, caring, and being romantic too. So, love between you and me and love with us is so different.

I have my mum’s picture in wallpaper and lock screen in my mobile. Many people found it strange. They don’t trust me. Even after a month few of my friend have cross checked my mobile phone. But they have same reaction “Ummmn.. Mum’s boy”. In my age, or let’s say teen age, youth may be I should have some other different photos. It might of Bob Marley, Jim Hendrix, Che Guevara, Carl Marx, or even some girl whom I love, or anything. Many people might have family photo in mobile’s screen saver or wallpaper. I am not only one who have this photo of my mother.

Even today, I have that same photo of my mother, I can see how much she is missing me in her eyes, so much love to express in her lips, the warmth in her lap, such a delicious food to cook with her loving caring hands, words of wisdom to share and those happiness which she has been collecting from my childhood to celebrate. She is never worried, panic, mother with hope and love.

Love to all mothers!!