Dear Anuz,

It’s so surprising and unexpected incident recently happened between you and me. I even can’t believe that at the last moment I got to know the truth and you never thought to told about it. Everyone were so friendly and so easy going staffs. Everyone have lots of respect and I used to put objection in any thought if that need to be cleared. Everyone used to love my conversation. I used to make cracked jokes. All team members used to listen me and laugh with my humour. Not only that everyone could take my joke.

The moment  when you walk in from the car, wearing sun glasses. I never hear your greetings to any staffs. I used to feel really strange! Why you was not greeting anyone? You used to walk straight towards the counter? Later on I found out that there was kind of division at work place. None of them have started that tradition. 

The best part while I work with everyone is everyone wants to have different dish. Everyone appreciate and love the different dish which we all used to cook for everyone. In last week, you fancy dish cooked by me. What a wonderful world; you used to be so picky in dish. I am so happy to see that. I am happy that you liked that food. This is possible only after you like that food. 

Now, time was slowly rotating clockwise, even you used to stand behind the door and listen the conversation. I can still remember you was laughing in my conversation.

Finally, there was the day when you spend your most of the time in the kitchen. The girl who does doesnot even love to stand for 2 minute spend 2 hour easily testing tomato pickle, and preparing potato curry for all the staffs. What a wonderful world. I really love your honesty and you didn’t even hide what you have in your heart. Here I am not saying that you did wrong. 

There must be someone to create the environment, set up the workplace culture at work place. Even I know you do work and give a hand to other staff when in need. Not only that you are clever too. Clever in the sense you know how to handle customers. 

“I still remember you said to me let’s not put ginger in it.” I loved your closeness. I loved another moment  I said “come on taste this pickle”, you was rushing to get the spoon to taste the pickle. Once, twice, thrice, finally you might have felt awkward and you suggested me to ask to someone else too. You didn’t realise that you was lost there. You actually lost on me. There is nothing bad in doing that. I am sharing the good moment which I spent while I was working there. 

At the end of the day, you didn’t have that courage to stop me from going and I can’t guess and stay. It’s time to fly now from UK. After few hour I will be boarding in the flight for Germany. You will be reading this blog. This is beautiful world, with beautiful people around.  

With Love,