One of my friend said me before I leave London “my friend, if it was us we could have done everything but girls never thought about other’s happiness. They are cute, beautiful and lovely and I have no problem with them but in your situation if she just have done small thing which won’t harm her, you don’t have to leave UK. We are happy to help but they are not like us.” So, true, today after I leave London, I can remember this words which are so true.

It is really strange that I have to use this word. I always used to use such word which please everyone, which bring smile in everyone’s lips and feels civilised when they feel it. In this past 4 year in UK I have met many people, families, friends and seen dual face of everyone. Even the one you say close is your best enemy. I know this sounds funny but this is what I see as truth. One word “Yes” could have changed my life but in this past years I was waiting waiting and waiting but, your long nose still stretching upwards.

You can easily screwed by any girl. Unless she is unto you. If she doesnot have love for you, now you are one of the worst foolish in the world. You might have remembered her birthday, fancy gifts, night out, party, dinner; that’s nothing trust me that’s nothing. I have see 1, 2, 3, 10 more than that but every one are to be honest opportunist. They are happy to be with worst but not you. The only reason is you love her a lot.

The level of selfishness is uncountable. I even can’t measure that. But the truth is there was selfishness in your every step. Every words, words of care, words of love, words of meeting, words of proposal, because they are used to with it. I didn’t realise that there are many other behind me. There are many other friends whom you can talk, spend time, enjoy, have fun. I was the one of the silly boy, running back to you. I got to know once we were close and you betrayed me, that time numerical calculation worked in my life. My words were too confusing for you. Even you even didn’t bother to send me one letter. But the truth was I tested you and you failed, I succeed. Today, I don’t have to rely on you, as there are many other friends throughout the world. Very honest friends, and they are happy to help anyone who are in need, not only me.

You was so mean to spend $10, different drama every day for a week, fortunately, I got my friends worth more than million dollar. Even they put them selves in trouble but they trusted me. That is what I have earned in past few year. I have earned you from long time but you worth nothing infront of them. Because you are one of the opportunist girl, among all.

(written in one go, unedited)