No one was there to stop me!!

While anyone does not understand a single word, that sounds like anger. Even though the different conversation in any other language than which we are not familiar with that sounds like they are talking about us. It’s been a week or two and the day we went to search for the job, we found one. I was in big trouble when I was selected for trial, as I am even not familiar with a single word. I was speechless. This country and language both are new. But I accepted that job, so, from now onwards I will be working with Chinese team. I have to find the way to sustain and digest each and every conversation. Few things i.e. behave of boss, team work, familiar with the team and task load, managing time, prioritising, actually I was using “Strategic management and Leadership”. This level 7 course helped me a lot. I have no clue what to do? I came back to my room. I really want to thank to my friends who helped me here from day one. I have seen different faces but here, you won’t believe the height of cruelness, selfishness and cheating is more than you can imagine, more than anywhere you have seen (within same ethnic group). None of us want to be in this community just because of one advantage everyone digest and wait for 5 year. But I was with my friends whom I knew from long time back. I was mentally not prepared to start new job from tomorrow half past 10 in the morning. Don’t know what to wear. Finally, next morning, I went to work.

There was no introduction, straight to work. On the same day, while I came back I asked nani those words which are basically used. Similar to mock exam. Now, I have to learn how to tolerant boss argerness. She was short in height, short hairstyle, small eyes, and she raise her hand and bend one finger while she explain something. She has to bare a guy who does not know any words. Now she started to shouting at me in every task I do, everything I do. It is totally different than what I have learnt in UK. There is nothing similar everything is totally different. Now, I feel how people are working in other countries with different language than english.

Luckily, I generate love in those finger, loud voice, this and that. Only person I have to adjust is with boss. She is around all the time. She is so attentive, punctual, and everything she needs in order. Only thing that encourage everyone is love. I feel that she is caring me and supporting me in every step to save me from trouble. She cares me like her own brother, kid (as she is matured old lady, and have a kid same to my age) or showing humanity to me. So, whenever she shout at me I started feeling that she is helping me. She is saving me from disaster. It is not easy for guy like me to bare someone loudness. Still I remember someone asked me toothpick and I gave her pen. Everything I tried but that goes other way round because I tried to compare with english words. Boss was saying me to turn the machine on, I went to close the door. Now, I understand what she actually was saying in that loud voice, “You are lazy, don’t you practice language at home? Buy a book and read practice at home.” My reply was “Yes, Yes”. Whatever she say I used to say “yes yes”, I have learnt few words which helped me a lot to understand basic conversation. Those all were verbs.

It has been a long time now, and now she is tired of me, she stopped saying anything. I cross my finger and sometime I expect someone to speak english with me, so that I could show my performance better, at least I could smile once. Whoever, I serve, I make sure they are satisfied and even though I don’t know language. Whatever she says repeat that word and used to ask my colic and she used to explain what that means. Luckily both of them could understand what I was saying. They taught me a lot of tricks and ideas how to make my task easier and understand what anyone is saying?

Now, I knew few words, still if I miss one word that will lead to different meaning as today she asked me to close the door than come and help her as she was so busy, I opened the door and was walking slowly, again she shouted I again said “yes”. She is fed-up, her reaction has changed these days, she just nudge her head and walked away. My reaction is as usual, smile, love, respect, and peace. Still this is helping me to survive and sustain in this totally different environment, different country with different language. A guy, born in village, foundation in town, grown up in city, dare to fly and spend teenage in abroad, today, still I dare to dream in the same way which I used to do; I dream while I am awake, because this will help to find the way to achieve it.

Felt good that I have learnt a lot from everyone, seen many things, known many people, worked with different culture and work place environment, listened various gossip, suffered from many things, reading habit, travelling, and achieving are helping me to keep my mind empty. Many things are left behind, some were beautiful, which I still miss them, some were worst I took them as a lesson. I still believe that – I am just the doer, god is deriving me.

Today, I feel really good that she helped me a lot thought I don’t know the language, which no one does here in abroad. I have worked with many people, in different companies, workplaces, but I felt warmth working here. I don’t have to listen any unnecessary things, work appraisal and work place environment is so good. As a result, today I am enjoying working with Chinese team and Chinese team are happy with my performance. We all smile at work, we all eat in same table, and I rarely hear loud voice and it has been long time I have not seen her finger. We have a conversation everyday. I am able to make her laugh. I felt really good with those philosophical words, many books, novels, academic qualification and adopting things quickly is helped me to survive even at hell, now this hell is turned into a heaven where everyone smile, share and positive vibe around.

Always, respect, love, and that will generate peace. This is the key of success.

Respect, Love and Peace.