Even the government of UK is failed to bound or control this immigrant. Every day they make new law for international student. But majority of Asian students are few steps ahead than them. Each students enter in UK as a student. Without being student there is less chance to enter in UK. Each student live for more than 8 year and the target is to live there for 10 year. In this 8-10 year time each student holds more than 4-5 Bachelor and masters degree. I assume every minister of UK parliament does not have 5-6 degree. Some of them might have. Here I do not mean that holding degree is everything. (I am not underestimating them either.) I mean immigrant students hold a lot of degree and they are so clever to escape any rule UK ministry of foreign affair or Ministry of education announce each week.

Nameless journey of thug life. We never know when they where it leads.

In these 7-8 year the students have tested the system of UK government so clearly. More or less everyone are aware of every section of law. People from India, (especially Gujrati), Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Afghanistan, Turkey, and others countries are here from so long time. Once the student completes the masters degree, everyone tries to switch their visa from student to working visa (Tier 4 to Tier 2 or 3). To get this visa business/restaurant owner is far ahead in this. From these above country they are doing business from long time though their business is deficit each year (while they renew their licence and auditing, they need to submit financial report to the government, which actually is not real one) still that business exists from last 20 year. Even the Government of UK feel sorry for them and keep renewing the licence of the company. The restaurant owner doesn’t bother whether the business is making profit or not because they can get £10,000 from each student while switching it to work permit.

Processing time is maximum 2 month. Once the student get the visa ‘job done’ (it means change of sponsorship to remain in UK; from student to working). Job done in a sense they search for other students who want to switch the visa from student to work permit. In a 6 month time the business owner itself will close the company or say will be collapsed. They will form another company but in same place. Only the business owner’s name will be changed into wife’s name or son or daughter or daughter in law or anyone’s name. This is the best and easy way to earn money in UK from past years.

Now, the student will be in trouble because the sponsor licence is cancelled. The company which they got the sponsorship doesn’t exist as the owner already changed it. Once the licence is cancelled it should be renewed within 2 months otherwise applicant will be deported. Now, there is no power in the earth can get that money back, £10,000 from business owner. It is big money. In a 6 month time none of the worker can earn that much of money. From the UK government each business (need to meet the criteria) get licence for 3-4 people. Each student pay £10,000 to switch the visa and get work permit. Here at one time they earn £30-40,000. This amount business owner earns each year that is the reason they don’t care about upcoming difficulties of students -nothing or how much they will suffer once they get letter from home office saying to leave or find another sponsor to continue the visa. Humanity sounds good in Gulmohar or social studies school course book or in Philosophy.

Most of them recruit students in their business. Even though they don’t have working right. They pay less amount of wages. Still to sustain in UK student are happy to work in that £2 per hour (Minimum wage is £6.75 more or less), 6 days a week and they go to college or university one and half day a week. At a same time owner do not pay full wages each week. The wages of each employee keep on adding and when that is above £3,000, they themselves call UKBA to raid their business. Once they are caught, they put the blame on student if they ask for their remaining wages. On the other side owner make fake document and submit it to home office. Even after Home office raid business owner gets 1 week extension to provide supporting evidence regarding employees. 

It is very easy to twist the story there are many brokers who make fake documents of students. It looks similar to the original. Here in detention centre student will be in double trouble, they are charged for submitting fake document too. Yes, it is true those students are innocent, they are unaware what is happening behind those big walls of detention centre. But those documents are not made by them. Business owner themselves  has made such documents, each document costs £100 so for 4-5 employees just £500 but he is earning from 4-5 students £12,000-£15,000 or more, just by holding wages of all employee who are students. Because they never give wages in time.  In such way they are earning a lot of money. If they could sustain in such environment they will have good life in future if they can’t escape then they have to face detention centre of UK and have to leave in same slipper from Heathrow terminal to their home country.

They are so good in conversation. They have so thin tongue, manipulate everything in sweet way. They don’t hesitate to say very good and wise words, be a so called “dramatical”, “sympathetic” supporter. But in reality they are concerned to earn money. Each year they earn thousands of pound just by doing this. Business itself is good because every student (with no work right) does really hard work in order to secure their own job. There are many examples who are suffered by business owner. Students get a loan from back home and pay that money to business owner. But in a 6 month time they have to be jobless. Many families are victimised by such people. 

Sometime, even the UK government is tired of all this immigrant student; they are not able to control it. In 4 year time they have made a drastically change in admission for international student to control immigration, but they are still suffering from it. On the other hand business owner are far ahead to hide every crime they are committing. Paper speaks louder than the truth in UK. If you are good enough to make strong evidence (as a proof, written) that will speak, you are winner. It is very easy. “Crime right is strong for criminals” it sounds better.. 

Let’s see how many families will live their life in tears. How long such bogus owner will expand their business, how many bungalow they will buy in back home. You are giver still your hands are tied, nowhere you can knock for the right.

I always practice, the best way to live life is to be happy with what I have, and there is no “one day” everyday is one day and in that one day I have to make it, do it while I think everyday is one day for me- that day will bring me smile in my lips. That is the secret. Everyday is “one day” which I am waiting for. There is no other “One day” which will bring me lots of treasure in big sack. I will collect each one, and I will gather that, that itself will be bigger than which I am waiting for. Let’s respect everything that will generate love and that love will bring peace around. 

(This is based on real stories which I have seen in last four year, some business holder (here I am focusing on immigrant owners) might be running business according to law and system. I personally appreciate them. It is not easy to bring that big amount and make someone else rich with our money, even after that get ready to go back to home country, being criminal.)

Thank you.