When she decided to come back and leave her husband after living together for a year, how will she react with the society for rest of her life? Let’s put our feet in her shoes and feel it. She fell in love, decided to spend her whole life, promised together dreamt and planned for future, and the extreme level of happiness which arose between both of them.

Even some of the educated families still are illiterate although they are highly educated. Today, it is not acceptable for her parents just because of the ethnic religion and also because the boy is not wealthy comparatively to her family. Her every moment is filled with tears. Her heart is broken from everyone; even parents and this world. She feels so sorry for her husband who is not even able to stop her. Even he tried his level best to fill all those gap in her life with his love and affection but did he really make it up to that? It was pretty simple as he was loyal in relationship with her which led her to run away and decided to live whole life with him.

Happiness is not everything. Sometimes, she loves to be childish with her parents, become moody, she misses the silly acts with her sister, immortal care of her sister and brother- combination of everything which satisfies a human being, which she was missing that from the day she ran away with her boyfriend. A lot of attempts were made by her just to be in touch with her family. The level of hatred was that extreme later on she decided to come back to her home and get married with the guy that parents had decided for her. It sounds so childish but while we try to feel together we can feel the sentiment of a teen girl. Yes, such a pathetic, narrow, dump mind. Why they can’t see and feel the happiness of their own child? She used to be lucky charm for her parents for last 20 year. All off a sudden once she got married with someone how can parent forget everything? She was the secret of parent’s success. Everyone were happy and today when she decided to find her happiness and share it with someone she loves all of a sudden she turned into black spot in everyone’s life? Is it acceptable for anyone? Where is justice?

In her words.

“Dad, why you can’t see me happy? I was happy with you and everyone was happy for last 20 year. One day I have to choose my life and it might be today or tomorrow. I had chosed a year ago, why can’t you accept it? Why do you want me to live him for your prestige? Why you want me to be same like you? Always proud about the prestige, designation, society, wealth? In fact I never feel those were essential in my life. More or less, I also knew to live life in a better way and happily. If you are so ashamed, why you can’t help your daughter to be wealthy or support him to live the life you want to see? Why don’t you convince him? If you are correct he will understand too. I fall in love with him for more than 4 year than we both decided to be together. He convinced me that is the reason he was only the idol person in my life. I knew you won’t accept our relation. I have got only one choice-run away. I ran away and was so happy with him. We had built my own world. Why you didn’t even approached once to support him to show the life you want to live? Why you didn’t guide him to live the life he want to live? Or tried to help him to earn the wealth the way you earned which will hide your prestige? Why you even didn’t even bother to speak with him once? Shame on you! You even did not hear his voice. You didn’t even say “Hello” to him.

Dad!! You wasn’t doing anything to see me happy. Actually you never thought about my happiness. If you have had one small attempt to build this relationship, it would prove the whole dad in the world are so much concerned and could do anything to make their kid’s life better. Both of them could get wonderful life and could be so happy. It is not your fault and better if you stop blaming yourself. I have a lot of respect for you. Hats off!!! both of you for your decision. It does not took me a minute to leave the Banglow. I had easily left shining stairs, car, and life of princess. Yes, those arms were so warmth and the happiness in small space was much more precious and beautiful than what I was getting here, because I was building my future. My home is my home. It has a different sentiment which won’t be replaced. But the life with him was much more precious. Though some of his dream were false still I used to love them. Slowly, I was being part of his family. I had my own space. They were desperately waiting to fulfil the emptiness which I had filled.

Today, everything is so cheap for me. I could easily ignore my dad’s love but tears in mothers eyes gave me a lot of pain I asked to myself, if I had committed the biggest crime?

Now, I don’t know how will I generate love for another boy with whom I have to spend my life the way my parents want. I am compromising myself. I am selling my life in the name of society, prestige. Feelings emotions, sentiment has no value. Anything convert able in currency has value, right? Hope you will sell me in good price.”

Love you dad

Blood of Daughter