Dear abroad dreamers,

I appreciate your career decision plan for coming abroad. Many people seem so happy staying in abroad. Some people who are in abroad are happy too. 

There are many more story of success who choose to stay in Nepal. Coming in abroad is not only the way to be successful or achieve our dream. In a month time everyone’s dream will be shattered. But some of us have a image in our mind which none can change. After having everything still we love to come abroad. 

It’s better to read the story of success about those friends are back home in Nepal. 

Related stories of friends who choose to stay in Nepal:

She was story writer, now she is good Novelist. She has won many awards by the time I left Nepal. 

He used to be a journalist, now he is good program coordinator, and program host. 

Another friend used to be a social worker in remote area, and was working for sustainability. He changed his career plan now he is reputed/busy constructor also have earned good money. 

She used to write a critics, now she is journalist in the international magazine. 

Younger friend Sameer  had got interest in commodity market, now he is doing good in commodity and share market. 

One year junior friend of same university have a interest in travelling, he have his own travel and tours agency with 15-20 employees. Each he travel 2-3 different countries. He is happy with his business.

Now a days from social sites i.e. facebook, twitter, snapchat or other, we can see daily activity of everyone who are in abroad. We actually sell ourself from social site, we should be good in selling our activities, and centre attraction, so that it will prove our joy and our life in abroad. Life in abroad seems so popular from last 5-7 year. Many of were unknown or we  have very few information regarding abroad lifestyle, processing and education system. We were brainwashed if we study in abroad our future will be secured and better and education in abroad helps us to get the job we wanted. 

In these days anyone can come abroad cause communication made us so easier to gather information.The concept of abroad has changed now. Our friends or relatives are around the world. Social sites has been helping a lot to communicate and get the information we want to know. 

In abroad the best thing is here we can get liberty which we were not getting in Nepal or most of the Asian countries. Here liberty includes everything- it depends how far you want to go and live. Here in abroad you are master and slave of your own life. It’s up to you, either you want to live similar life or life you dreamt to live. 

The hot topic is always about Nepal. Almost everyone talks about Nepal, After living in abroad for few year anyone is patriots. Most of the people in abroad talk about Nepal. There is lot of love and respect for Nepal. Many people who come in abroad can see what’s missing? Why is not Nepal growing as like other developed countries though we have resources? But that remains in the conversation. Very few people want to go back and do accordingly. Most of them have regretted too because we expect other citizens to think as we do, which is really very hard. 

In other words we don’t have any responsibility nearby. Daily routine, wake up, work, break, be online, rest, and again back to work. More or less work to home and laptop is the daily routine. University or college days are during day off and hangout with friends in the evening. 

Many people who come to abroad for further education have continued their education and achieved what they have to achieve. They do not rely on fast food restaurant chain, or stores jobs. They work in the same field according to their ability, qualification and capacity. Many of them are happy to work just for the money. Majority of people work in fast food restaurant chain or in the stores. We get respect for any job we do in abroad. We hardly can spend time with our roommate as working shift and workplace is different. In the festival, usually its after 11 o’clock or midnight after finishing work everyone comes back from the work and celebrate together. Even here in photos the festival looks great. We hardly share our workplace photos unless and until it looks good or happy. In abroad the best side is everyone forget what they were in back home, here is no designation, power or prestige at all. At the end of the day everyone is back for the money.