Dear Anu,

Luckily, in this constitution there is nothing included regarding love. I thank to constitution makers otherwise we would be criminal and could face the punishment. Either you or me have to case our issue of love in the court.. 

Do you want to kDSC_1913now what feelings I had while I saw you have unblocked me in Facebook? Though there is no love at all still you was seeking for the attention or you was missing me like a hell. Or you was missing those long messages while you wake up, or my silly gossip which brings smile in your lips. Such messages which includes love, daily life, sharing, let’s say could be readable by everyone. I never wrote you such private message which you need to find the place to hide. I always loved to be your co worker, friend, family, in simple word, we feel so comfortable to share everything. I always wanted you to feel proud with what you have, what you are doing, with whom you love. 

I never believed that nurses have attitude. Because I met girls who are in medical field. My love story begins from Health Assistance, first medical person in my life who taught me a lot of medical terms. Actually many things.  She choose to live her life in abroad, my ambition was to work in the rural area of Nepal. So, it does not worked. We still talk to each other, our understanding was to live our life happily. I am no one to make decision of her life. She talks to me, help me while I need, I talk to her, we are still a good friend.

While I was in college, I met final year MBBS student. We had so good understanding. We always leave our academic background aside and tried to spend quality time, wherever we go, what ever we do  but everything was marvellous. Those days we never missed drama of Gurukul. Tea talk and gathering of all artist was the best part. We used to spend hours there by talking. Now, I can see all those artists are playing in the movie. 

No doubt there is pros and cons in everyones life. As a good listener you always enjoyed my conversation. We had a long distance relationship but I never felt we were actually far. Being too good, I let you free like a bird. You flew so far that there was no time for you to come back to me so you choose the pharmacist or doctor. Actually, it was not easy for you to play in two boat either. In reality the truth is we have unlimited desires and to achieve it we are ready to do anything.

I still remember while I was in relationship with doctor she used to share a lots of unbelievable cases of teen patients. She never told me that I am not in the same field or I don’t have equal qualification. I still remember, in those days I was student of People’s campus. But, I have something which she likes, that is the reason she was happy with me. I am not comparing you with anyone. I kept everyone in different part of my life and those stories are lesson for me. I don’t want to go back because I can’t get them back. I never regretted for my past because those decisions were made by us. Off course every one have their own story, I had mine. But today…….. you left me like I was criminal. I even don’t know the proper reason. Or, everyone’s heart is like this to leave anyone like you did. Whenever you feel you leave him/her. I could understand if that was short term, but in four year time except physical relation every single conversation we have occurred. 

By the time, I have finished this blog I thought to share this link of blog via message but unfortunately you have blocked me again. This is the tragedy of internet and the feeling which is hidden inside you, is burning you. We both have not shared what we had felt except the guy after earthquake enter in your life. I know everyone have ego, hope your ego will melt some day, because ego will definitely burn inside and it is not shareable, if you have shared our love story to anyone still its not believable. I don’t want to be like “Sarubhakta” because he dedicated his life for his girlfriend Sarita, and his name was Bhakta. Finally he gave his title and wrote his name as “Sarubhakta” half girlfriends name and half his name. Everyone can guess how much love he had for his love. He wrote many famous novel one of the best novel of everyone is “Pagal Basti” Which was republished more than 10 times. I can’t be like that because I don’t have any quality like he does and I can’t be doctor because that is never my interest. I love to live peaceful life with happy family. I always thought you are best for my life because, I have never seen attitude in you. 

It’s amazing, and this blog might seems so dramatic cause by the time I am composing this blog I am talking with you. I wish you a happy birthday. Hope your dream comes true. I am among one well wisher who is more than happy than other to see your success.