Dear ANU,  

Mostly used sumbol.
Commnly used symbol.

Who is responsible behind terror attack in Paris? Oldest model explains committing crime is the model of behaviour is that of demonology. Which is also known as the result of a possessed mind and/or body. Cesare Lombroso in 1987 wrote the theory of ‘anthropological determinism’ says someone ‘born criminal’. Sigmund Freud describes crime as a “pleasure principle”From the sexual attachment, affection, information regarding sexual intercourse, growth of sperm, development and pregnancy as well as growing infant. Mothers are so close with their kids than male. We all are aware there is moral support and other assistance from mother than male. But most of the kids are so close to mum. If some are not — there is something must have, the others are aside because they are soft hearted hence the reason some kids take advantage of their sentiment.

Let’s go back to the topic! What makes human being to criminal? Why people choose weapon or arms? What is the reason behind that? How often we put our parents ahead than us and take decision? Why is that? Even many mother, sister or daughters are carrying weapon or engaged in such activity which creates violence? What enrich them from human being to terrorist? Is it because their mind and level of understanding is diverted to cruelty and selfishness and derived for self satisfaction or pleasure to extreme opportunism. Many mother, sister and daughters eyes are filled with tear and heart is shaking after the terror attack in Paris, Siriya and for those who are starving in different part of the world. Do you know how many families are affected by it? it is beyond humanity. Those innocent people who died in different incidents either in Siriya, Turkey, Paris or in 9/11 attack in USA, even in the boarder of Nepal while protesting in the boarder of Nepal. Isn’t this is stupidity and why those people are eager to kill? Why life is so cheap? Why death is so easy? Why those cruel demons are so eager to kill and murder? Is that is the social life they want? Is that the world want? Has anyone even dared to dream this world without full of terror?

Is it because of liberty – which create criminal mind? Every individual born champion, it’s us how we want to grow their minds, thoughts, and value of everything. I am not blaming nor I am judging you, we all know that you are soft hearted mother of child, humble wife and caring sister for your brother, princess for your parents. There is nothing against you. I don’t know about those terrorist of those who are knocking other’s door in search of mother or family. We all are aware after all he will say “Thank you for ruining my family. I hope you guys are happy now.” Shame on him, he is ignoring his own mother, father and knocking stranger’s door to beg for the love? If you be his wife you can’t be his so called “Mother” or so called family and if you  be his mother you can’t be his sister, you can’t be his wife and you can’t be both.

Your teenage has begun, youth is still to face. Many perverts are in the pavement of the city to talk about our beauty of lips and hips. You have learned many words in answer for those perverts and different emotion with your eyes or lips and nose. One day you might be like many grandmother who have to celebrate their birthday without kids but with grand daughter.

Kurt Cobin died at the age of 27. Cool Pokhrel died at the age of 27, Bob Marley had a painful death. Che Guevara’s was buried in a not to secret grave near a dirt airstrip outside the little mountain village of Vallegrande in Central Bolivia. There is many rumour about Adolf Hitlor’s death. Someone says he flew to Hungary and lived in his friends villa, someone says he committed suicide. An army man Bin Ladin turned from army to terrorist.

Isn’t that’s our fault?

There are billions and trillions or say infinitive lies have been told, false promises have been made either in the name of god, Allah, or christ.

History is mystery: we don’t know what promises Juliet made to Romeo, also we don’t know what promise Majnu made to Laila, Sahah Jahan build Taj Mahal for her youngest Queen, and we don’t even know what promise Queen made – Khadga Samsher Rana build Ranighat Palace, we don’t know what promise Mao Tse Tung got from the opposition so 45 million people were worked, starved or beaten to death over four years; on the other hand the worldwide death toll of the second World War was 55 million but why? Also no one knows why Alok Nembang committed sucide, why Mithridates VI of the area that’s now call Turkey committed suicide, Milo lay down in his coffin, shut the lid and pulled the trigger, sucide of Austrian born logician Kurt Godel all the death were mysterious.

Little knowledge is dangerous:  Sex is better than other exercise. It doesn’t mean you spread your leg several times a day. This may be one major reason there are plenty perverts. Before taking bold decision regarding any female every activity counts. Whether to attack your bosom with paw or to ignore and walk away. Marquis De Sade is world top pervert, who had an affair with his wife’s sister, imprisoning a so-called prostitute for sexual pleasure and abuse. Lester Crowley is famous for his sexual magic. Sigmund Freud is pervert as in his works he admittedly had sexual feelings for his mother, also he convinced the “Psychosexual Theory”. Mahatma Gandhi practiced the art of sleeping next to young naked girls to test himself Sexually. Gandhi’s subjects were often young female followers, one whom was his own 18-year-old grand-niece. And what they did was “non-sexual activity” which included strip teasing, group bathing, and lap-dancing – all for the chaste. Caligula converted a palace into a brothel. Napoleon Bonaparte is also known as pervert. There are many more but there is no offence because these all great people have made history by doing good deeds in the world.

Someday, we might trust this world, our own kids will love us though we grow old, there will be trust on each other relationship, love. Someday, the world will be

Paris terror attack, aren’t we are responsible for it? My sympathy and condolence for those widows, orphans.  A world without terror is only possible in fairy tales, You are responsible for it because you are daughter, you are sister, you are mother, you are step mother, you are wife. Have you stopped our kids, enough in right reason? Have we gave enough freedom and essential access to grow any mind mother of mother in the world? How many times we paid penalty while they are in jail? Put it together and lets feel our selfishness, ego, criminal mind, terrorist thought, horrible eyes, aggressive hand and greedy heart aside and let me live my life. Time will tell how many Pulmonary vain you’ll block for your cruelness. One day mother won’t have tears in her eyes. To all mother, sisters daughter and wife: ANU which means the emotion, feeling, excitement and bad energy A terror “Anywhere Near Us” (ANU).

Always careful with ANU.


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