September 23

Conspiracy behind Prachanda’s patriotism is political movement (after September 23, 2015) in the parliament – for the next general election. Maoist party clearly know that there is no hope to win next election. In this 8 year time they have never showed any positive movement on the behalf of the nation, Nepalese citizen or any steps for the development of the nation. Maoist leaders as well as some other party leaders are one of the top corrupt leaders in the history of Nepal. The entrenched bureaucracy badly polluted the existing political cycle, in the name of privilege, customs, ethnicity they are still fighting to turn Nepal into communist nation. Their agendas are not for the development of nation but for their own ego. After 12 years of civil war they believe their decision is final decision. Existing other political party leader have to follow their philosophy. In this modern age, they want to rule Nepal according to communist philosophy, let’s say traditional way of communism, and ruling accordingly.

Communist know the mind game and power in their speech which can easily manipulate. Their focus and concern is to manipulate everyone and convince to come to the power again. The only path they can choose is to agree and mix with other political parties and get support to bring the constitution in Nepal. Maoist were aware that majority of other different parties could bring constitution in Nepal. The unity will definitely lunch constitution of Nepal. Another worries for maoist is if they do not participate to write the constitution, Nepal as only Hindu Nation will  remain Hindu nation (it would remain unchanged); which they do not want.

According to communism they are atheists . They do not believe in any religion since religion keeps the society together and maintains the brotherhood  among each other . The best way to lead the nation according to the communism is, divide and rule. Unless and until the religion remains it is impossible to replace with maoist philosophy. Sooner or later if other political parties do not change their political corruption and game of politics and power, in future it will show there will be one third of maoist seats in the parliament house. Our past experience of every political leader has proved very few or say none of the political leaders are concerned for the development of Nepal and Nepalese citizen. Many sectors are beyond control. Monopoly has raised which shouldn’t have happened. Level of  Corruption has gone high which will take another decade to stop. 

One  LEADER is really needed for the development of Nepal. It is not impossible to bring change but it is more than challenging. If this campaign begins most of the political leader will sentence to jail for more than 20 years ….The height of crime is to misuse the power they have done and keep repeating for many years. We all agree Nepal is one of the top most beautiful country with brotherhood. Peace is around and we deserve. We want and we are always fighting for it. Even from last few years political leaders wanted to divide nation. Yes, we all agree but there must be equality and equity for everyone, but we have never asked for unmeasured division of province, 5 development regions was the best division for Nepal, we people would be more than happy with it, and shouldn’t face this agitation either. Comparing to 5 development regions, 8 provinces seems unpractical and unacceptable. In few year time, some leader will again fight to change the decision. Every political leader are attention seeker, though it seems they are in power, each day they come with new and silly agenda which none of the citizen actually demanded. Each speech contains false hope. As many of us are aware very few leader follow the manifesto which they have signed during the election. None of them achieve even 10% of it. But off course very powerful speech have hypnotised us!! Why in developed nations, political leader speak less and work more for Nation? It is because public knows and they can judge they can’t be hypnotised with their big talk, fairy tale.

Recent example of Britain why again conservative won the election even after 5 year there was big discussion in the parliament. Conservative party brought a lot of changes including foreign policy, cut down the budget, bring British soldiers back from war, appealed to Scottish people to be unite with England. The manifesto of conservative party was much more stronger than labour party. Labour party tried to focus on limited agendas whereas Conservative had a broad focus. The biggest success of conservative in last political is brought the economy up, control immigration, remains Scotland unite, cut down in military budget, settled pension, new law in medical sector, focused for unemployed people. 

Hence, if we go back to our political history even each political leader who committed to bring change in the society, nation they couldn’t achieve any, implementation was null. They never felt ashamed. If they are honest they do not want to leave the power. They do not want to handover the power. They never seems loyal for the nation. They are never serious about treaty of East India company, territory of Greater Nepal. Most of us are shocked by the disagreement and attack of India. 

Time has changed  now, in every  house one person holds foreign degree or foreign experience, have learned the lifestyle, civilisation. Society can react faster than concerned/responsible authority to resolve if there is anything happening around. The concept of socialisation is rapidly spreading. In summary ,we all nepalese citizens are waiting for one patriots right leader to rule in Nepal. Each hand is desperate to hold soil of motherland and dedicate for nation. This is the only way that could turn our nation to peace and most developed nation in the world which will open us to competition in the global market, participate and rule the monopolistic trend in every field globally. Because everyone are aware if we could use our natural resources and natural neat, manpower it is enough even to pay the debt which nation is holding each year (and growing).

I am not against politicians or any party. As a citizen, I can see the probability and many possibility as well as opportunity but because of our false vote we are not able to choose right leader who is enthusiastic and eager to lead the nation and lets us live in peace. 

We want leader who dare to resolve diplomatic issue on behalf of Nepal. Who also could resolve “Treaty of East India Company” and get our Greater Nepal back. Leader who must use our natural resources. Who must find the way to get food, shelter and education for each citizen. Leader who must join each village with transportation, Who can stop corruption, send them to jail who were involved in corruption till the date. Who encourage and we all nepalese could see Nepalese player each season participating in sports in the world. Who can encourage each household to get modern/scientific education. Who can bind entrepreneur in such system where there is null corruption. Secure citizen, justice and have respect, knows the value of national sovereignty. 

We are waiting for this day to feel peace in our nation.