Dear stranger,

It is always girls pleasure to be happy with loved one. The story and philosophy regarding love is uncountable, plenty. There are variety of love in the world. The way to be mingle might be different according to the religion, society or according to the country.  On the other hand, wedding ceremony is drastically different even according to the city. Almost every kind of trend leads to togetherness. Which will help each other to bind the strong relationship. It also includes lots of commitment, sacrifice, trust, honesty, believe and off course a lots of love for each other. Those all beautiful words always give hope to be together, to survive, and to end under the same roof in every difficult to happy situation.

Does love still exist in the world? My humble request to everyone, pause for a while and bring everyone in your eyes i.e. mother, sister, friends, family, workplace, surrounding, nature, living or non-living creature. Every single thing carries (come up with) selfishness. It might be because she is your mother, father, sister, friends, family or anything. You want everything because selfishness is linked with each other. It is shame on us that we failed to learn and feel love within us.

Plenty of padlock in this image are love lock. With the belief their love remains forever.

There are many cruel experience which I cannot express because those are such feelings which I have to keep alive to survive for the rest of my life. Those things let me alive till this date. This is my time to pause everything and rewind my life. Unfortunately, none are able to create such things, even a single word that will compress the pain which remain untold and could move ahead. In other words, I cannot remove all those painful years and could carry on my life with new bloom. Everything seems painful, false and fake. I cannot throw fake smile to myself anymore. Everything seems artificial and they are. There are so many personalities who are alive with their good works. Some quotes are alive as an example;

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”

– Mother Teresa


“Don’t settle for a relationship that won’t let you be yourself.”

– Oprah Winfrey


“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

– Marilyn Monroe

It is much appreciative to those all who have a lots of respect for love and had a happy life. Salute to those who understand love and are able to make their life happy. Everyone’s is not that lucky to make their life happy. Everyone are not that intellect to choose right life partner and there are very few who can stand for domestic violence which is caused by their partner. I am one coward among them. Although those words and quotes by Mother Teresa, Opera Winfrey, and Marilyn Monroe were around my wall and I used to felt so glad to read every time.

From last few year, our relationship is devastatingly painful. It has just been few years we got married. Even, fingers of my one hand is less to count how many years we are together for. Today, I have realized there are many things which I left behind but you were never with me. I was so blind to feel the height of selfishness inside you. I even don’t realize that I myself left behind for us. You might be feeling same. It is better to sleep in the street rather than being your slave. It is much easier to tolerant the pain of freezing cold than the pain of boastful, arrogant words. Today, I have a lot of hatred with these feelings which I have for anyone. I have no tears for none so I have to suffer being alive. I was part of your demented behavior who was standing on your behalf for every single step to make you able to stand in the society. Neither you are able to stand nor you feel any day that my existence is essential for you to survive. I dared to gather a lots of hope from every single painful moment which I have spent with you. Today I cry for all those beautiful lines, I have no idea why such words are still alive. Standing on the edge of domestic violence. I felt the fear of death. You killed me many times but you left me physically alive. I am empty today, everything is washed away, many things I have learnt. It is too late to take myself towards the path of happy life because the devil which was inside you has transferred to me. I have supported in your every deeds. Good deeds are always good the world was with you. I am not afraid to express there was evil deeds and I was forced to support them. I have no choice, either to accept those evil deeds or feel the hard four walls every night. It was not easy at all for me to tolerant the pain while you push towards one wall to another. I will also take the pieces of bloodshed on those broken window glasses. Off course, I will take that same knife with me which wounded my body many nights. These all have to remain alive, I have no choice than accepting demon inside you. There is no power exist on earth, that could change you, no law can bind your craziness, the height of selfishness and cruelty is higher than the sky. I have to survive to prove this world, no love exists. Those beautiful words, commitments, promises are suitable for museum. In future the truth of pain should be written in the big letter, hanged on everyone’s wall. The quote of death must be taught. Kids should learn to judge real face of everything. The death should be easier to accept.

Yours Sacrilegious,