Dear Rubina,

I have heard many stories in my life. It might be during my work or while working in different parts of the world. People are eager to share their stories even while I was serving people or behind the bar. Everyone is full of stories, we must have patient to listen. Everyone have their stories but the scenario might be different but at a same time the climax or the context must be different.

It’s better to remember one story of Naaz uncle from Pakistan, grew up in Britain, his wife is so kind, down to earth – everyone in the world loves her because the level of her sympathy and kindness is undefinable. Although the character of Nazz uncle was so different and unusual than other people i.e. spending lots of money, offering drinks to everyone in the pub, lets say he could buy pub at one go, apart from that charity, social work, donation and so on. Later after knowing him I knew he has got a lot of property around London. It is not about wealth, but most of the people loves him because he is so kind and helpful for everyone. In 2-year time I never knew anyone have returned mone. I still remember those nights he used to give me his bank card and I used to withdraw money. It is continuous process, during two-year time he never changed his passcode of ATM. In a same way, I used to call a cab, put him in, call aunty and she will come approximate time in the door to take him home. But he is never rude to anyone. His one line still stuck me to remember me beta use people, but never misuse people in your life. In first year while I marry your Bhabi I left her and went to work and I promised her after one year I will never leave you alone in whole life. It came true, I even asked Bhabhi jaan and she said that after that year he never let her alone. Even she mentioned that, in that year she had a horrible experience, she had spent such moment which she never even wants to remember again.

Today, I put maya in the same place, she is waiting me back home and I am suffered from different issues which even she won’t understand. I am unable to convince her the situation. She will have unnecessary headache because of my problem. I have no other option. I have tried Naaz uncle’s experience. I know that no power in the earth can take her from me, neither if she tried she could go away because I believe in “law of attraction”. The first time I saw her, I had a feeling that she is the one whom I want to spend my life. Everyone have their own stories, I have many, none of them bother to accept the reality but someone who came to rule me is the one whom I like because it is not easy to rule the dynasty, but she was the one to rule difficult guy.

On the other hand, the only thing I can do is to pause my story of love, pause my everyday sharing and summarise in a day. Once I am settled the way I wanted and according to her dream. I still remember her dad and mum’s story, she shared that her mother’s parents have one condition that once her dad had one permanent job he could marry at any time and her dad joined in force and got her mum. Till this date both of them are lovebird though their children are grown up – still both of them love to hide towel or other garments while bathing.

It is not easy situation but I have to handle every situation that is how we can be Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. This is the time to know friends, family and my own ability. “The path of success.” I am using my everything to be one of the established person in abroad. I knew it now that it was not the right time to start anything because it need few more workout and few more helping hand to build up, few more experience too. It is not my piece of cake to establish myself on my own because it is not short term plan. The dream which I am building should be continuous even after my absent. It is not easy to convince anyone around me in this path of my life but I am doing my best to achieve what I want to. Luckily, I met everyone who knew that whether to support me or leave me in this critical situation. Many of my so called friend leave me because of my success and many of them showed their elephant teeth so long so that I won’t be in touch with them in the rest of my life.

Many of the known people are so much worried then yesterday regarding my coming days. This is not the challenge for me, because the first thing is to make my parents happy wherever in my life I go because this is the only thing I have seen in my life, not only me now maya is saying same. This is the right moment to take some break and take a long breath, that is what I am doing. This is my provisional period to prove around the world that anyone in the world is not that weak which we thought, or we are worried, but they are trying their best to make everyone proud with their deed, everyone of us are trying our best. I am in the continuous process. I even don’t know where is the rising sun but, I am sure whenever I want the sun will rise and shine. I want to stand on the top and see everyone celebrating on my success. This is my promise to the world. I am not disappeared but I am just passive for short period of time to accomplish what I have to in order to fulfil everyone’s expectation and prove that your expectation regarding humble guy worth a lot.

Seeya soon,

It’s me