Lisbon, Prachanda, Anu, and alcoholic talk, these things won’t lasts longer because they have never shown their real face to anyone. These four things are best opportunists. This street of Lisbon is busy for 4-6 months in a year, Prachanda was Prime Minister for 280 days, Anu made a lots of promises, showed her tear and lasts for 4 years, and trip of alcohol we never know.

Let’s develop the story, it depends how you want to enjoy while you are in the new city. It could be anyone. I am here in Lisbon from few days, and I have been visiting different places. While we travel we meet different kinds of people. I personally, have no complain regarding this holidays in Lisbon. I am observing, learning and I am having fun here. While we walk there are different kinds of people in the world.  I even see them enjoying having fun, and there is the place called “Bairro Alto”. Pubs in this place are opened till 3 o’clock. This place is even not in the city area, this is somewhere, middle of nowhere, it is somewhere in the height with sloppy road with in-between max of 15 feet still the volume of people you see is so crazy, everyone wants to come here. I can easily guess, all the teenage comes here to drink then go to “Pink Street”. Pink street, let’s say it opens 24/7, the area is not longer than 200 meters, but the volume of people in the clubs is unbelievable, the street is full of youngsters from different parts of the world, holding drinks in their hand with cigarette. Everyone are busy in their own stuffs, talking with friends, talking with stranger or talking with someone whom they newly met.

I could share something which is so unusual but bitter truth, the clothes you left while you go for shopping i.e. Zara, H & M, Top Man, Breshka or any other branded shop you can see all the clothes you left there. It means, whatever you wear is fashion and nobody really cares about it, just wear it. There you can see all the dresses, accessories, and all the gadgets which we think is not suitable for us. Here, I mean to say everything is suitable for us only we need to stop comparing or thinking something else while we are buying goods.

I remember Prachanda here while I was there in the busy pub. I think he could have known what is the real problem of the nation. While people are drunk they are best patriotist in the world, especially Asian people. I have an example whom I met from Asian countries and they start talking about early 1936 when the non-communist Vietnamese Nationalist or other Vietnamese nationalist parties formed an anti-imperialist. Even they remember first Anglo-Burma war of 1852 and third one held in the year 1885. They even speak about Burma is known as “the Scottish Colony” too.

We will never forget war in China, Chinese Civil War (Second phase, 1945–49). Invasion of Tibet (1950), Korean War (1950–53), Vietnam War (1959–75), Nathu La and Cho La incidents (1967). Sino-Soviet border conflict (1969), Sino-Vietnamese War (1979). Now, it is growing rapidly and people of China are still against all these war, whoever rule the nation they just know to kill people, suffer people, send people in war in the name of revolution.

If we go back to the history 1994, Maoist party was formed. Similarly, the formation of Maoists ‘People’s War’ on 13 February 1996, under the slogan: “Let us march ahead on the path of struggle towards establishing the people’s rule by wrecking the reactionary ruling system of state.” It is believed that Maoists strongly believe in the philosophy of Mao Zedong who proclaimed, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Maoists also draw inspiration from the ‘Revolutionary Internationalist Movement’, Peru’s left wing guerrilla movement—the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path), and from radical communist parties in different parts of the world. We as a citizen are waiting for the second time as a Maoist in people’s power. Although there are different international diplomatic and political news coming regarding new prime minister. The time will show us what is the reason behind this. (I want to remember the blog which I had written a year ago while Prachanda supported KP Oli to form new Parliament, head of executives.)                       *Prime minister have more authorities than president in Nepal, hence the reason I didn’t used the word ceremonial.

So, now a day in Nepal the minister changes like the weather of Pokhara or while we wake up we never know why they are unsatisfied and they would like to change the government. I am sometime really surprised knowing all those diplomatic issue inside politics. Why all the politicians do not have that patient for at least a year or two, (the government is meant for 5 year) when some of the politician leader is bringing change for the nation – it is better every citizen as well as political party should support them and if you are disagreeing – there is the law which is even not one-year-old. Rule the nation with the law, not with the position or any other diplomatic reason ruled by other nations, it is never useful for nation but every single people will spit.

This is exactly what happens while you go night out at Lisbon, or may be any other places with friends. The topic goes from beer to brand to nation than ruler. As if you are in power. Many people forget to mention many things in one meet. Because we have very limited time, and if we are talking about Lisbon, it is just about max of half hour because after half an hour we even don’t know where our friend is. The street is busy, music is unstoppable, teens keeps coming, going, even the guy who is selling beer in 1€ won’t remember our face even if we are back in 10 minute.

Sometime, I feel Anu lost in the same world while she lost her control and fall in love with the doctor. The whole nation was crying in her decision because she forget that she was only one hope for the nation. I still feel so sad she have to leave her love, and continue her life in abroad. But, from here I can just smile at her, saying wrong turn of life. It would be far better rather than kissing in the corner better to warm up the bed, at least there you will have cold water to drink.

We are expecting some changes in the society, we are hoping for the best, best minister than KP Oli. Better ruler than Anu in keeping promises and believing in love, rather than opportunist, or having lots and lots of temptation.  Or someone who can love our nation, who can be rigid in the word, keep promises (either that is for wife or for the nation) and dedicated to develop the nation.

The street in Lisbon will be quite after 2 months, but same things will continue in next year. I wish good luck for Prachanda and he at least remains for 9 months, because he has to regain trust from citizen. Similarly, Anu was happy for 6 months, I wish her the luck, he agrees to come to USA, and she could bring him in USA with her because Lisbon and Prachanda have their probability but Anu have none.

Journey for fun!!