Dear Caty,

It’s been a short period, but we were happy to be honest with each other. There are many different words and lines which sounds so realistic and touching, that could attract anyone in this world. Those moments were precious because we hardly meet people who have patience to listen other, and accept if it as a result it will generate trust between each other. There are various ways to win the trust. There are many stories among us, some people try to commit suicide just to gain trust, exchanging gifts, even designation or power/position (i.e., I am Doctor, nurse, consultant, waiter, dish washer, working in big company, dad is rich, updated vehicles, ornaments, education or even being in abroad and so on) there are various ways we use to gain trust. As in my previous blog I have mentioned story of Chinese couple and writer of Harry Porter J. K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Colonel Harland Sanders (founder of KFC), Katy Perry’s show was cancelled for 7  times each year, finally after 7 year her solo album “I kissed a girl” was top position in UK, Australia, USA, Canada and other countries. But there are many other celebrities they have bitter truth of their own life. One recent example is our Ex. Chief of Army Rukmangad Katuwal, famous socio-comedian actor Hari Bansha Acharya, social activist Jagadhis Kharel, we can’t forget Laxmi Pd. Devkota, Parijat they were never understood, because they were too simple for the society. Most important we never learned to differentiate the truth, or the lesson or reason behind everything, we never try to respect what is fact in front of us. We judge. We categorise. We hate. We like. We dislike. As if we are non-living beings. It is not our fault, the day we will have respect for the nature we will understand very simple things which could make us understand the truth and path of success. Even those personality have done nice difficult struggle, we hardly hear any negative news of such people who have struggled in their life because they have learned patience to digest; even the worst situation. None of the publisher, investor, or even they had struggled to get one TAKE, single chance to prove, to perform, not even single chance was given because they are honest and they knew the world is waiting for their activity to bring some change in society.  One take, an opportunity could change their life but none of them trust them, after struggling for many years keeping their hope alive; today many famous personalities  series or shows or company chain is world wide.

Salt, Anger and Hope.

The teacher can understand how 30 students in class take same answer in 30 different ways and how they interprets or use in their personal life. I am one of the example, I was the last bencher of the class so that I don’t have to do homework, I was the one to fail in each terminal exam, I was the one who do not have big so called degree. Because I never understood what “Sin”, “Cos” and “Tan” (these are main function used on trigonometry) means. I even do not bother to approach it because our teacher used to say “we have to complete this before first term examination, or board examination” I understood he is just focused in himself than focusing on me, or support me to learn, he is not bothered about my homework, so I don’t have to worry about homework, I was so happy from inside. Hence the reason, I am uneducated. But today I have realised what teacher meant for us. It’s off course late, but never late for my coming days to begin. Definitely I can begin it anytime. Its our level of understanding, ways of manipulating things. It’s late but I have realised that I should have trusted my teacher and followed, so that I could have helped myself to understand course book. I can’t get that moment back also I will never repeat such mistake again. Indeed I have practiced to gain patience either to tackle with my friend or foe.

I try my level best to write as simple as I can because I want my parents could understand my each post which contains in my blog because I want them to understand in similar way I am familiar among the society, friends or workplace. How is their child? How much is he matured apart from lipstick or growing mustache in chin? In a sense they should be aware about our activity so they should not have to listen from other people. Let me clear it, my first reader of my publication is my parents. It is so simple because they deserve it.

Let’s go for another scenario; if we are talking with friends we want to do facetime, we will force them and while talking with parents we randomly ask them to turn the camera on or even we daily communicate to our parents. Do we similarly say “Good morning Mum” “Morning dad” “how are you looking today?” in similar way we daily communicate to our friend circle, I will leave it to you to find out. Let’s try for a week, and see the smile in their face. Let’s try to say similar words of love to parents; wish “Good night mom, love you muhaa”, “Mom, what you upto? Why you didn’t replied my msg? Why was you offline?” It’s my humble request to think for a while. How many times a day we do this to our parents? And this is the first step to throw our ego which is inside us and that is always pushing us backwards. It sounds different, because we don’t want to try, we are even not ready to thank our mum or dad, thanks for nice meal, I have enjoyed it, thanks for the tea! Don’t analyse this lines, reverse it and ask yourself. How many times we have thanked our parents? But I have seen we in every step thank or beg a pardon to our colic, in the street, stranger. Unfortunately, vary rarely to our parents. I am more than happy if you are doing so. I want everyone to follow and spread at least they will have smile in their lips. If it stop us than off course there is ego in our lips, eyes, in our sensation.

We hardly trust, we gradually grow trust and sometime we have to learn to trust, we say “I am happy… how I am and you have accepted as am I and learning to trust ….main thing”. If there was trust between even same blood there wouldn’t be Mahabharat Epic, there wouldn’t be war in Ramayan, even it is bloodshed in many countries. I want to remember blog which I have written last year “Blood of Daughter” that was the real story, – because of our ego dad brought her daughter back even though she got married with her own decision but against parents. We are cruel and opportunist human beings. A loaf of bread in plate is enough for dinner. Sharing half of it would be enough for whole family. But we have a big expectation as a result we forget that that big expectation comes with “Big Expectation return” too.

While we understand the secret of success is Patience, that will help us to give 100%. It will give us enough time to think, enough time to recover, enough time to edit, enough time for correction, enough time to be strong. But we have in tongue:

“with every action theres an equal opposite reaction, with every problem theres a solution just a matter of taking action”

― Albert Einstein

In my understanding this sentence doesn’t meant us to react exactly in a same way action happened. It clearly says action and opposite, here the word opposite clearly states what it meant. But we want everything promptly / immediately, even do not have patience until tomorrow, think it for a while, take it easy  or taking action but not immediate reaction. We understand the way we want to understand. We act like we understand but we never thought that there is no need to understand other, it’s just the matter of washing ego which is within/inside us. As a conclusion what you will feel is – “kati simple ani deep maya” for all creature in the world. Because I have learnt to be patience from you all.

Respect all,