Travel with 3 Gemini

(Coincidently 3 traveller in the row having same zodiac sign Gemini, one from USA student of Politics & Economics; another from  UK retired Air Hostess worked in Australia, and myself from Nepal. We all were travelling together from Kathmandu to  Istanbul.)

DSC_1118 copy.jpeg“The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live.”                      -Norman Cousins

“My first act was to insist on running the elevator myself without waiting for one of the doormen to run it for me. That was just wasn’t done by the President’s wife.” Living History Hilary Rodham Clinton, East Wing, West Wing, p.137

The only way I could make my life peace and calm is by winning or avoiding political and ideological battles waged over my own happiness. Book title of Robin Sharma – “Who will cry, when you die” found it symbolic, self help, interesting, inspiring and so on. I have heard the review of that book but have not gone through it, but the name of that book is more than enough. That raised many questions to me, i.e. thoughts, rewind my past, behaviour of all known personals. “Who will cry when you die?” This is the irony of being compassionate.

On the other side recently I was questioned, “who want to see you?” I was speechless, because my deeds, and people’s motive should help to judge me either someone wants to see me or not. That question is still stuck in my mind actually who wants to see me?

Are those people who have not paid my money back they want to see me? Are those people who have taken my personal belongings and have not returned they want to see me? Are those people who have watched many matches together they wants to see me? Are those people who have not returned my gadget, they want to see me? Are those people who are in the parliament they wants to see me? Are those people who have threatened to kill me they wants to see me? Are those people who have killed many people they wants to see me? Are those friends whom I met in meditation they wants to see me? Are those friends who broke me down they want to see me? Are those friends with whom I had a really good time they wants to see me? Are those people who have insulted me in mass they wants to see me? Are those people who needed me they wants to see me? Are those people who need company they wants to see me? Are those people whom I loved wants to see me? Are those people whom I spent worst time they wants to see me? Are those people who came at midnight to fight with me wants to see me?

“Who wants to see you?”, in real is an anger to demoralise, is an insult, disrespect also is a random trash for anyone whom we don’t like. It might be spit for our identity. These lines are used to embarrass in surrounding. But sometime if this goes to optimistic person, this will give flashback of old memories. This is the degree which will lead us to achieve success and this must be inspiration to revise what we are doing? Are we are in the right path? Are we sharing, getting advice from right people? Are we are with right people? Are we feeding right food to snake, dog, cat or tiger? If not, this is appropriate time to buy umbrella.

Robin Sharma in summary shares in his book s – “Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries while you rejoice”.

World’s cyclist Puskar Shah knocked door of government and many places to ask for support to buy a cycle in order to begin his world tour. But there was no one to support. He was one of the victim to be insulted so badly while he announced his world cycle journey. In his novel he writes he was announced dead during agitation in Nepal. Many negative rumours was in the city. Yes, he was asked similar question “Who wants to see you riding cycle?” But he knew it, actually the whole world was waiting to welcome him riding cycle waving Nepal’s flag. Now his books is best seller. He achieved what he had to achieve.

Most of the time I find it interesting to put myself in the same position and think or feel. Many time I have been president and thought from his perspective. Sometime I have thought from criminal’s mind and observed how they feel. Also I have been a doctor and felt how they might have treated patients. Sometime I put your shoes on my feet and think from your side. Finally I sing a song “….And I tell to myself, what a wonderful world… “such a nice lines from the song, I have heard it several times. There are many ways to remember and see, I still want to see many people because they have impressed, inspired, taught, influenced and helped me along the way, stayed with me in pull and push situation in my life. There is always ups and down that is affecting my life but they wants to see me in that situation and continue to shape and enrich my happy life today and forever. I will make sure who wants to see me though.

Death is uncertain, none of us are aware when will we die. It can be predicted but not, but not be sure. Even till last breath, we don’t lose our hope to survive. Actually we are scared to think of own or anyone’s death. We as a human, by nature many of us wants to win, (here winning means egoistic winning, it does not include any success) We win by spitting rude words, throwing shattered words everyday or there are various ways to win people. Having habit of egoistic winning, it may be the reason we rarely put ourselves in stiff covered in the coffin lying for the funeral. We want to survive, live happy life, respect from everyone, and peace around. Most of the concern grows for earning. I admit that my life has inspired by lifetime of rare experience.



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