Most of us celebrate our birthday. Our family member, friends and relatives are happy to be the part of it. We all celebrate either traditionally or family and friends gathering or any other way we feel like celebrating. It is actually day of celebration. Only difference is sometime there are no one around to celebrate and sometime there are many well-wisher around to share happiness. If our birthday is not shown in Facebook sometime there is none to wish even in electronic web.

Every parents are waiting to celebrate born day. Our birthday begins from 9 months even not a year. We celebrate our birthday while we are just nine month. Many mother have died during born day, many kids are orphan after born day, many husband are single from born day and many family have lost their sister, daughter, wife, mother, or say just female suffer from this born day. The hardest pain is born day because forceps delivery, breech presentation, episiotomy, or different stage of labor pain which lasts for 18 hour. Here, I am just talking about pain for the mother during pregnancy to give a life to the sperm.

Even after knowing this pain we are excited to welcome new creature. We don’t know whether it will be saint, singer or criminal. We have a lots of hope to see how it looks like we want to see the shape of our blood, though it is not developed properly. The developed mass of sperm. We are excited to hug it, kiss it, during pregnancy pushing stage period pillow is filled with tears, with dry mouth, anger, pain, hunger, excitement, hope and curiosity. But  birthday is waiting to celebrate in the door, all the family member are around, holding hand, legs, scissors, blade and blood has already covered it, the wound is still there, pain is there, flowers, cake, candle, champagne, food, clothes, cot, clock, phone call, FaceTime, video record for memo everything is there to ring the bell and cheer. We never celebrate so quick like the first born day we celebrate. May be because being used to in mother’s lap her excitement and love permitted to celebrate our birthday in nine months, otherwise it is not possible even if we try hard. Some year we celebrate our birthday one or two day in advance. To feel like everyday is born day, we have to listen be close to mothers heart. She only knows how to make their feel so happy and close to heart and make us feel everyday is born day. Sometime morning cup of tea served by mother makes us feel born day.

The first touch on the earth begins from the excitement, happiness and joy. It might be the reason we seek same kind of environment during our born day. Chilling out, hanging with friends, alcohol, food, friends together, clubbing or some ritual events are common during birthday. We easily accept it and none of us are mad or angry or disappointment in birthday celebration. This is the day we have collected lots of resolution or plans or beginning of new life. Many resolutions have been made during birthday. We all know whether we achieve those resolutions or not. In the young age this day is desperately waited, I am talking about 18 year old because after 18 they are allowed to stay out from the parents and have their own life like madman or in anyway they feel comfortable. This is the time many people have an awesome sensual and sexual life too. This is most awaited moment from long time. Even though we want, it is not possible as we are not matured enough. Collecting thoughts, feelings, excitement or lets say best part is imagination has made it more curious. So, birthday plays vital role even to make this dream comes true.

It is similar day like yesterday and today. But it has been a tradition we are desperately waiting for this day. We expect so much from this day with resolutions, new beginning, quitting habits, or proposing or beginning new anything. Which is all always inside us which are pending one by one and are piles of tasks to accomplish in our life. Off course, many are undone and is somewhere inside us. Sadly after all those pending resolutions and commitment we wont be disappointed because it is self “poor commitment”, none to blame, notice or mark it; even can’t blame self we are used to with our own behaviour, habits and thoughts. We are always correct. Other side of coin is always different but we have never realised that, nothing is similar apart from the metal used in the coin. It means there are nothing in similar – thoughts and vision which are hidden within us, let us try to seek, feel or accept than we will be a complete coin. If time toss our life both side of the coin belongs to us and we don’t have to seek any new coin or pray for god to turn the side which we wish. I wonder sometime if god is busy in celebrating birthday he wont listen our wish and there wont be anyone to sing lullaby.