“Zorba The Greek” – Zorbas Greek – Greek Dance, many people are familiar with “Zorba”. The music “Zorba” which is not only awesome I can dance anywhere. Sometime I feel like dancing in the table while I hear this tune. The movie was made on 1964 (Zorba The Greek). The novel was written even before my dad was born, written by Nikos Kazantzakis which was published in 1946. Zorba is so life inspiring, and motivation character found in the novel. Let’s not judge how he was because some may find he is pervert. I feel that “I am Zorba”, so cool, funny and who loves to dance and drink. Who do not want to miss any moment to enjoy the life. He never had problem (he takes problem as part of life which is essential and resolved in anyway) or nothing is urgent in his life. The only urgency is to joy. He just knew how to enjoy his life without hurting or harming anyone. Let’s say Zorba and the nature women. 

There are many followers and inspiring people in the world. Some are inspired by Osho, J Krishnamurti, Vivekananda, Raman Maharshi, Ramakrishan, Mooji baba, Buddha, Krishna, Hindu philosophy, Christianity, even commercial Christianity, Jew philosophy, Muslim Philosophy, or may be the philosophy of Socrates. I cannot talk about the nature of any influenced personnel. Because I want them to enjoy the way I am enjoying with the dance of Zorba. Even many are influenced by Meera Bai’s poem written in 16th century, her devotion for Krishna is hidden; only in the poems written for Krishna; whom she never met.

I feel, we compromise a lot in our life and we say life is full of compromise and this is life. We have many complaint regarding faith, work, love, family, friends, appearance, attitude, scarcity or anything we always have something we are not happy with. Complaint always exists. My silly mind sometime says – it is one of the best example of compromise in love. I think we fall in love because we find many things which matches with each other, as well as we feel he/she will makes happy or fulfil desire. So all is about being happy either you or me whoever –  there is always some points of being happy with each other that is the reason we fall in love or we marry with someone. We do what we are happy with, we hardly or rarely agree to be together. I mean to say that should fully gives us pleasure in our life than only we agree. Otherwise there are plenty fish in the street we wouldn’t keep bargaining on each and finally happy with leftover. Similarly, we are always seeking to be happy which we never get. Because joy does not exists as a material which we could see or touch, there is deed which simultaneously is spreading happiness with our deed, here each moment is spreading seed of happiness. Like music makes us dance, smile, clap, sing or just listen it. It will be injustice if I forget to share Zorba dance and music. Here is the link of it.

Zorba the Greek

Zorba dance Birmingham, UK

Blues music makes me so relaxed and gives me some different vibes. I listen everything sometime North American music, (Eskimo Music Peru) “On the lounge”. Some selected Chinese music, sometime the Album art of Blues music makes me feel so cool. I listen music from the world which makes me lost in the music. I don’t want to judge what is there in the music but I feel so good, while playing flute I feel that I could know more about it and play in the street and gather many musicians so we all could play various instrument and people could enjoy.

Vipassana day 6 chanting by Goanka is another one which makes me feel cool, there is something, I am not talking about power or inspiration. I am talking about joy, which makes me jolly. B.B King and Norah Jones were the first artist which I bought 12 years ago and listened Blues for the first time. I love to be bathroom singer, not only bathroom singer, I sing while I am working, “The thrill is gone baby” By B.B King or “I talked my girl in the telephone, long distance” I even dont know whether this is song or not but I sing it sometime I make my own song.

zorbaZorba was similarly guy, I see him so cool and relaxed, friendly, who can take everything so easily. He love to dance in any mode of life. In the worst situation rather than worrying, better he drinks and dance and sleeps at night and on the other day he resolve the problem, but he never wastes his time just in worrying about the problem because he knows that god have send everything in the package just we need our patience to fit the right one at right place. That might be the one reason he is so calm and cool. Who always manages to dance even alone at home, he even manages to make other and himself dance at brothel.

While I revise myself, I find everything in me which helps and motivates me to face everything which comes in front of me. I feel myself like music of Kitaro – Silk Road, Buddhist chant (i.e Om Mane Padme Hum, mantra of Mantra Of Avalokiteshvara; Medicine Buddha Mantra), Hindu chants, music of Eskimos. It always gives me fear, suffering, pain, happiness, energy, motivation and I can find mysterious love in it. Hence, the reason I always feel I am empty so empty and if someone tries to fill me up its like pouring water in sand because none of the philosophy, music, novels, movies, celebrities, nature, experience, suffering is not able to fill me how can the world could paint me. I am not scared with colour of life but I want to keep this “ME” as “me” so someday either paint like Picasso or compose poems like Li Po “Canvas of My Life” I will hang it somewhere. I want myself to remain alive. Keep it alive I will be a witness of my own life and celebrate every moment of it. I respect to those people, lovers, whom left me, my sympathy whom I have suffered, my condolence whom I have broken so badly, thankful to everyone whom I have met during the journey of my life, there is no hard feeling with everyone, and won’t be in future. Everyone was part of my journey, I have still not reached my destination, many to come, many to see and face, I always believe happiness is journey not the destination so you all were in your journey too we met in the junction and are moving towards our own destination. I promise wherever I am I will always dance, celebrate, joy, fun and live my life.

“The universe is in an especially benevolent mood and frame of mind, and as a result, so is everyone else. What this means to you is that one and all will be in the same outgoing, positive frame of mind you’re almost always in. Sure, it’s nice, but it’s also convenient. You need to make a decision now — but with so many things in your favour, it’ll actually be almost impossible for you to make the wrong one. Lucky you.”


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