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We all are aware about the history, we should feel the pain in everyone’s heart and how cruel people can be while they are forced to do some cruel act. It sounds so good and feels so good to kiss in chick, or just to drink cocktail sitting in the bar with dim light.

There is the big discussion and voice regarding “Women’s right around the world” many feminist writer wrote article regarding “Women’s rights equality”, “Feminist movement”, “Suffrage movement”, many “Women’s rights organizations” (also called feminist organizations) have formed many prototype ladies are in the society, Harriet Beecher Stowe the American author’s best-selling (in 1852) novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” who raised the voice regarding slavery. This novel touristed in America regarding antislavery movement. Emmeline Pankhurst founded the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSUP) raised voice regarding equal voting rights with men. Pankhurst even sit on chain hunger strike in UK, finally law was passed, unfortunately she died three weeks before her success. Portrait of Anne Frank house, story of her life while working at German occupation, at the age of 13 during second war while hiding on second world war 2 was sold more than 30 million copies, also has been translated into 67 languages. Simone de Beauvoir’s feminist philosophy “The Second Sex” analyzed the treatment and perception of women throughout history, Vatican put this into The index of Prohibited books. Rosalind Franklin’s is a British chemist and x-ray crystallography revealed the structure of the DNA. Cleopatra (69-30 BC) defended Roman Empire from expanding Egypt. Boudicca in 1st Century AD is inspirational leader of the Britons (ancient celtic people who lived in Great Britain from the Iron Age through the Roman and Sub-Roman periods).

There is many example of “maternal filicide” who deliberately kill their children. It is not common to kill own children either putting them in the microwave or killing and keeping them in the cardboard box. Megan Huntsman killed her six infant in ten year (1996-2006). China Arnold, of Dyton, OH the reason behind killing her three kids putting them in the microwave is argument with boyfriend regarding biological father of her child.

It’s been more than a ages still it’s normal to miss you. It is my habit to feel you that you are side by me in my difficulties or steps of success. Although you are not with me, I met different people every day, every moment. But your presence is something different, even the imagination that you are with me makes me feel so good, encourages to take decisions in difficult situations.

Three different layer of lipstick in her lips, another layers in her eyes, two layer, in a sense it was clearly glamorize. She was looking so gorgeous (better than Geneva watches) in a glance. Everything seeable were top branded except the transportation which we both wear travelling. She is same girl whom I bump with in the gym today. We both gave a look one sweet smile still we are stranger; I did not bother to build house of sand by falling on love with her. I do not know either she is prototype lady or Ideal girl.

After shaking her hand, she slimly nodded her right chick, I kissed in her right chick, I was rushing to catch another train, I got off from the metro. She was the one to remind me about that stop to catch my another train. I got off there. She could have easily let us flow our conversation because I was travelling for the first time in this city. I have already mentioned that I am tourist here. So, it’s clear, I don’t know which stop was that, neither I could understand the announcement made in metro.

Everyone meet new people in the pavement of the city, under the city lights, parks, or workplace, everywhere. There is nothing new to be surprised or to be excited.

During the day, while I was in the cafe my eyes catches the cellphone by the side of my table. It was wrong to look at someone’s personal gadget but anyone could easily identify what she was doing. She was not aware about it. I didn’t make any effort to read her phone conversation. She was sitting next to me (behind the sofa, which I was sitting). If it was not me some other person would do same. I saw text message “Please reply my dear daughter.” “Speak with me.” “What happened? What is the problem?” “I will do everything to see you happy.”

She keeps sending polite lines to her daughter but there was no response at all. And in 1-2 minute or may be less within a minute she composed and tried her best. As we all know we love to read previous conversation if someone doesn’t give any response. She was doing same. She begins to scroll the old messages and start reading last conversation with her daughter was a week ago. I could guess there was nothing her daughter mentioned. It was general and off course girls -“love you mama, ummaha :)” and chit chat..

No one could guess she was stressed or missing her daughter so badly with her appearance. Unless anyone should see wiping her eyes (pushing spectacles upwards to forehead.)

And, I said to myself “really? early in the morning this shit! And I was in the mood to enjoy my day off with my friends.

There is expectation, emotions, feelings, presence, we all have it. We all are aware about our own BIG TALKS, BIG WORDS. As if we are changing this world, even we don’t have time to look ourselves – observe for ten minute a day fly from one country to another and feelings for anyone. We have a solution for everything; everything what we bump into. It might be national issue, international issues, emotional matters, diplomatic talks, personal, even at workplace. Let’s step back and think it once vary rarely we have said “I have less knowledge about it,” or I am conveying this conversation without any trustable evidence. Interesting fact is knowing all this still we enjoy the conversation, gossip with friends cause the way of presentation also it sounds so realistic.

Every moment is totally new except our existence. We all are aware about this some of us accept it and have fun. Some of us love to create boundary in self.

Even that girl whom I met in the metro, I didn’t have enough time to kiss in her another chick. She turned her chick gently for another kiss, while I finished kissing on one side. Silly, Metro do not wait for our second kiss, so we don’t have enough time for another one. I did not bother that. We were strangers before and until next meeting.

Everyone have the story; each day we should be prepared to accept the story. It depends in our mood, if we want to keep or let it go. We cannot take everything together what we see, what we like. We have left many things behind till this phase of life.

We keep doing mistakes, similar mistake, but we even do not bother to look back and try to paint different layer in our life, set up paint program. Because we are always proud of what we have. We love to read new biography of successful person in the world but we never try to make our own life as the part of success. We, I, me, self is one of the powerful person and also enough to be an extraordinary in the world. Meanwhile, similar group of people, who have such vision will lead this society, county, country and finally world. Our strategy and vision leads us to success. Hence the reason many prototype lady, and feminist are needed in the society. Many of us are lingered in our own problems and we will never overcome from it because we do not dare to do it, but we always love to listen Hillary Speech, keen to know Hillary Clinton recent news, or sneaking where is Hillary Clinton Today. Let’s ask ourself where are we today? Where we will be tomorrow? Let’s keep everything aside and think for a while, point out what we can do, start from now someday we will be more powerful in the world like Angela Merkel.

Being optimist,

‪‪Wolfgang Schäuble‬, ‪European Union‬, ‪Europe‬‬

Dancing Rain

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Let’s write something new. Let’s not talk about Anu. Let’s not talk about any philosopher. Also not about Painter or writer. Or let’s not talk about family, friend, wife, husband or boss. Let’s talk about something different. Something different which we like. It is different and really stupid. Stupid topic, silly topic. To find such topic is not only different it is hard or easy or it might be  challenging. Zhang Hang was Chinese statesman poet and inventor, but he wrote nice lines which might be suitable or might not be. 

Ah, the chaste beauty of this alluring woman!
She shines with flowery charms and blooming face.
She is unique among all her contemporaries.
She is without a peer among her comrades.
– Zhang Heng

I don’t want to talk about him because I don’t want to touch about such love which brings excitement and rhapsody which I think in this world is impossible without building ourselves. Because I always feel none of us have understood that love is something immortal which is not like coal which we burn, or like the water, like the game which we never knew who will win, even not the pleasure, also not like the chemistry, which generate something new after mixing with other element (very common is H2 + O2 =H20; which is so common).I don’t want to answer the product of love. It is something which we should understand unknowingly, without expressing, without touching, without seeing like blind people do.

I even didn’t felt like talking about poet today because there are several poets who are so much onto in the words which will let us fall in their words. I am just the reader not among those who have quality that they have several way of reading poem and easily analyse preposition, adverb or verb they could judge it word by word.

“O Friend! we are near you in friendship,
Wherever you set foot, we prostrate ourselves like earth
How is it permissible, in the religion of love,
That we should see your Creation and neglect to see You? “

Sometime I find myself in these words, I find myself in the pain, I find myself everywhere, I see myself in the paintings of Pablo Picasso because I don’t exist nowhere. It means I have not understood the life closely, love closely death closely and myself closely. Hence the reason, I still love the world because I have nothing to gain, and nothing loose. The level of stupidity has gone so ultimate long time ago. For the four year I was in mad in love, whom I have never seen, actually we both have not seen each other. Certain image comes to the mind, calm, cool and lovely enough and live in the imagination world, and could touch the air, breeze of love, ray of sunshine, colours of rainbow is part of stupidity which we love to do. None can disturb our imagination. We can imagine Meera, either Roman girl of 15ht century, Even the world can’t find her name still have her statue and painting is in the museum of Greece.

Kazakhstani dog tried to save drunken boss to take him off from the train, pushing, pulling, nudging, dragging, barking he put his all effort to save his master but unfortunately he died stuck by the train. The world remembers the dog but not the master who brought him up. Here is no paradox of thrift it is the the truth of what dog did was to save the life of another creature. Sometime I feel because might of all these reason Buddha left the world because he is too tired with himself. He have nothing to do tomorrow, and being silly I ask to myself why can’t he search everything from his home being with his family? On the other hand Socrate is another example, who is happy to drink poison, just to prove himself. But he left the word and he even don’t know whether it is proved or not. 

It is all people’s hobby, interest to make life more important in different way we can. I feel similar to romantic love story movie, heroin leave the hero and hero have good words to her, like

“I am sharing my experience in abroad. It might be offensive because it’s your life, I am not your boyfriend anymore. Ask to your classmate about life in USA, it’s not the way you are thinking, abroad is different. Better you must just focus on your career, none of us take life so simply (not practically though), you can think your life for yourself not how other people or friends are living. Because you don’t know what is the truth inside them or in their family. So, you take yourself as a world, and make a plan what will you do after reaching USA. Don’t think that you will celebrate or will go to Niagara falls, Victoria park or any parks, clubbing, pic of cocktails. You will get all those things while you are walking with life. The day will come. Make a plan first off all and listen everyone, but don’t forget you know what you want and why you are there for. Many people talks shit and that makes you frustrated, you will get good job don’t rush to work in the fast food restaurant and Indian grocery . US is full of opportunity. Get the job with the qualification which you have. There are plenty agencies and online jobs are available. Apply there. Which city and college you are going? Is everything arranged? ask how much is the rent, deposit and other expenses too. Ask are you living with room-share or flat share because later their might be problem if you have sharing room. Try to get one single room for yourself. You have broken me, my life let’s not go on that, but don’t broke yourself. Be strong and try not to trust anyone, keep distance with everyone. Pay college fee first off all, so that you can focus more on your studies. Don’t think about how to settle in USA but think that you want to be qualified first because once you have a qualification the world will welcome you, I mean you can easily settle anywhere. I don’t know but if you are in relationship talk to both sides, don’t do paper marriage just to bring him in US cause later on you don’t know what will happen, it’s so short time to trust him. If not, if you think you can handle talk to mum and get married and than process for everything. Get all things which you can’t get in US cause most of the daily using accessories are so cheap you can buy there. No need to get food that may cause problem in the US airport unless and until it has a mark. But in US airport security checking is so strict so it’s better not to be greedy and take food. You can get everything in US. Don’t be too much excited and don’t be too much frustrated, take it as a normal, focus of your parents and off course your dream to be registered doctor. Don’t get me wrong.  To get angry is human being nature. I am one of them , anyone will be like this not only me if they were in my situation. Now you will know the life I am sharing what I have learnt. By the time goes you know everything about abroad make sure you don’t rush. Be calm. Take care of yourself. Don’t trust anyone, eat in time, good luck.”

And this one dialogue of hero will be so much emotional and many people feel their similar story of their life. The movie makes silver jubilee or this scene goes repeatedly touching to everyone mind because they can listen their own feelings in this. The scripture knows what are so simple words to choose so every class of viewers would understood what the dialogue tries to give message. On the other side the heroin flies abroad and be happy with another hero. Still the story goes on, she never misses him but he miss her most of the time that brings tear in audience eyes. Even the hero doesn’t know what would have really happened, the story takes another twist, that again make audience happy, generates ego, selfishness, and revenge. Writers are so sensetive who have the quality to enter in every readers mind. There are some writers like Rezso Seress committed suicide after writing ‘Gloomy Sunday” such a beautiful Hungarian suicide song during second world war. Many have committed suicide, BBC have banned this song, because many people committed suicide. Kimitake Hiraoka, a actor, playwright, prologue Japanese author, The author of “The Painted Bird” a highly controversial story  during second world war unfortunately even he himself committed suicide in bath tub plastic wrapped bag in his head, some feminist writer like Virginia Woolf body was found dead after 3 weeks, and there are many more, I am not a writer, to even imagine such heavy task which is even hard to accomplish while sleeping.

I have already omitted Anu from my writings. So one character of my blogs are forced to die. Sometime, I feel I have murdered my character from my life whom I used to feel so lively and could see anyone in the street and give the same name. I have never done anything for anyone may be hence the reason, it is so painful to commit crime than to sacrifice. I never love violence, and wont be in future. That’s why sometime I feel life is like music we can try but it depends we can learn and try to make the melodious tune or just make silly noise.

Random Books Pdf

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Some rare books

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  13. brahma-sutras
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(Please note, these all books are collected from different website.)