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Dear Voters,

My best wishes for the candidates from different parties and congratulations for all voters who are participating in Local election after 20 years holding on 14th may, 2017. I am not sure whether many candidate can have access to this blog or not but I cannot stop myself from sharing my thought regarding the election candidate of Kathmandu metropolitan city. I have been reading/watching interviews, article, news, clips in social media, mixed thoughts, criticism, inspiration regarding mayor candidates in Kathmandu city, Nepal. As a youth it is my responsibility to think about nation.

Today, being judgemental I have my vote to Rajnu Darshana. I have considered her as’

  1. Brigham Young – ‘ You educate a man ; you educate a man . You educate a woman ; You educategeneration.’ We have seen many experienced, educated and good political background candidate. Its us we should judge whom we want to taught. Or leave it for Rakshasic nature same face politicians. (Rakshasa does various sorts of harm and injury to others for their own selfishness)
  2. . She is representing whole nation. She  stood up to fulfill the pending task of Kathmandu Metropolitan city from decades and to heal the importance of “Metropolitan”. She is dreaming nation without carrying anyone’s philosophy (i.e Marxist, Guevara, Rousseau, Mao, B.P. Koirala, Ganeshman, any martyrs, or anyone) which in a sense also proves that she has hot blood of patriotism, which encourages many teenager to make platform rather than dreaming abroad.
  3. “Vote for the candidate who cares our interest.” But this time we should not forget the suffering and many problems which we are facing every moment while we are walking in the pavement of the city or any office. The hassel which we are facing is because there is leakage, leakage of system, coordination and management. We are not ready to accept this digital age. We care our interest, we want “MY” task to accomplish, we want “MY” house to be modern. We hardly dream “OUR” nation to lead. This is the right time to begin and accept the youth and female leadership.
  4. Capitalism is dynamic formation and destruction by self. Ranju Darshana is already far from all these dirty game instead of match fixing she is ready to work together, she do not have to fix the matrix between opposition parties or businessman. 

  5. Daily newspaper and television interview proves that she is coming with limited dream which can be fulfilled in her Mayor lifeline. Her words, opinion, and masterplan are not Subsistence-based, Feudalism, Capitalism, Communism or not even not Socialism. Her simple vision is to make our dream come true. Wow!! Kathmandu.
  6. Why, we are not ready to accept change? Are we still in the same early male-dominant society? Limited female are born in the world who dare to come in-front of the Nation. She is one of them. It is possible only if we be in her place and think that is my dream too, let’s be proud with Ranju Darshana’s step. We voted Anuradha Koirala for CNN hero, we voted Prashant Tamang for Indian Idol, we voted for Pushpa Basnet for CNN hero. It is true if we want we will make it. Let’s join our hand, let us give her platform to make our dream city.
  7. “This leaf cures cancer.”
    “Cut down all the trees, patent and synthesise that sucker.” This is what we were taught in the past. Let’s save the tree, let it spread and let’s many more youth engage in the development of the nation. We are looking for role model for our nation. We must address her courage, attitude, self-esteem, enthusiasm, her lively interest to build the nation. We have heard hours long speech, manifesto, constitution and 17,8-00 killed still 1,300 missing in the name of civil war in Nepal (1996-2006). Unfortunately, till today morning headline we are compelled to read news of corruption and different agreement which is unhealthy for the nation. Isn’t it is time to begin from youth? 

  8. Let’s not be mean to stand for Ranju Darshana, she stood to bring change in the nation, she is smart, have courage she could have easily gone abroad and settled her, she can easily engaged in job, she can be TV host, she can easily get any chance in the movie, she can be public speaker, or many more opportunities she could get. Leaving all the opportunities that could make her life much more easier she stood for the World. Knowing the hurdle, she stood to wipe tears of bereaved parents, and courage for youth.
  9. It is possible, as an example Sadiq Khan become mayor of London. Among all English candidate he won the election. Tomorrow Ranju Darshana will won the election. My best wishes is for Ranju Darshan. #VoteRanjuDarshan

My best wishes,

Dance with Zorba

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“Zorba The Greek” – Zorbas Greek – Greek Dance, many people are familiar with “Zorba”. The music “Zorba” which is not only awesome I can dance anywhere. Sometime I feel like dancing in the table while I hear this tune. The movie was made on 1964 (Zorba The Greek). The novel was written even before my dad was born, written by Nikos Kazantzakis which was published in 1946. Zorba is so life inspiring, and motivation character found in the novel. Let’s not judge how he was because some may find he is pervert. I feel that “I am Zorba”, so cool, funny and who loves to dance and drink. Who do not want to miss any moment to enjoy the life. He never had problem (he takes problem as part of life which is essential and resolved in anyway) or nothing is urgent in his life. The only urgency is to joy. He just knew how to enjoy his life without hurting or harming anyone. Let’s say Zorba and the nature women. 

There are many followers and inspiring people in the world. Some are inspired by Osho, J Krishnamurti, Vivekananda, Raman Maharshi, Ramakrishan, Mooji baba, Buddha, Krishna, Hindu philosophy, Christianity, even commercial Christianity, Jew philosophy, Muslim Philosophy, or may be the philosophy of Socrates. I cannot talk about the nature of any influenced personnel. Because I want them to enjoy the way I am enjoying with the dance of Zorba. Even many are influenced by Meera Bai’s poem written in 16th century, her devotion for Krishna is hidden; only in the poems written for Krishna; whom she never met.

I feel, we compromise a lot in our life and we say life is full of compromise and this is life. We have many complaint regarding faith, work, love, family, friends, appearance, attitude, scarcity or anything we always have something we are not happy with. Complaint always exists. My silly mind sometime says – it is one of the best example of compromise in love. I think we fall in love because we find many things which matches with each other, as well as we feel he/she will makes happy or fulfil desire. So all is about being happy either you or me whoever –  there is always some points of being happy with each other that is the reason we fall in love or we marry with someone. We do what we are happy with, we hardly or rarely agree to be together. I mean to say that should fully gives us pleasure in our life than only we agree. Otherwise there are plenty fish in the street we wouldn’t keep bargaining on each and finally happy with leftover. Similarly, we are always seeking to be happy which we never get. Because joy does not exists as a material which we could see or touch, there is deed which simultaneously is spreading happiness with our deed, here each moment is spreading seed of happiness. Like music makes us dance, smile, clap, sing or just listen it. It will be injustice if I forget to share Zorba dance and music. Here is the link of it.

Zorba the Greek

Zorba dance Birmingham, UK

Blues music makes me so relaxed and gives me some different vibes. I listen everything sometime North American music, (Eskimo Music Peru) “On the lounge”. Some selected Chinese music, sometime the Album art of Blues music makes me feel so cool. I listen music from the world which makes me lost in the music. I don’t want to judge what is there in the music but I feel so good, while playing flute I feel that I could know more about it and play in the street and gather many musicians so we all could play various instrument and people could enjoy.

Vipassana day 6 chanting by Goanka is another one which makes me feel cool, there is something, I am not talking about power or inspiration. I am talking about joy, which makes me jolly. B.B King and Norah Jones were the first artist which I bought 12 years ago and listened Blues for the first time. I love to be bathroom singer, not only bathroom singer, I sing while I am working, “The thrill is gone baby” By B.B King or “I talked my girl in the telephone, long distance” I even dont know whether this is song or not but I sing it sometime I make my own song.

zorbaZorba was similarly guy, I see him so cool and relaxed, friendly, who can take everything so easily. He love to dance in any mode of life. In the worst situation rather than worrying, better he drinks and dance and sleeps at night and on the other day he resolve the problem, but he never wastes his time just in worrying about the problem because he knows that god have send everything in the package just we need our patience to fit the right one at right place. That might be the one reason he is so calm and cool. Who always manages to dance even alone at home, he even manages to make other and himself dance at brothel.

While I revise myself, I find everything in me which helps and motivates me to face everything which comes in front of me. I feel myself like music of Kitaro – Silk Road, Buddhist chant (i.e Om Mane Padme Hum, mantra of Mantra Of Avalokiteshvara; Medicine Buddha Mantra), Hindu chants, music of Eskimos. It always gives me fear, suffering, pain, happiness, energy, motivation and I can find mysterious love in it. Hence, the reason I always feel I am empty so empty and if someone tries to fill me up its like pouring water in sand because none of the philosophy, music, novels, movies, celebrities, nature, experience, suffering is not able to fill me how can the world could paint me. I am not scared with colour of life but I want to keep this “ME” as “me” so someday either paint like Picasso or compose poems like Li Po “Canvas of My Life” I will hang it somewhere. I want myself to remain alive. Keep it alive I will be a witness of my own life and celebrate every moment of it. I respect to those people, lovers, whom left me, my sympathy whom I have suffered, my condolence whom I have broken so badly, thankful to everyone whom I have met during the journey of my life, there is no hard feeling with everyone, and won’t be in future. Everyone was part of my journey, I have still not reached my destination, many to come, many to see and face, I always believe happiness is journey not the destination so you all were in your journey too we met in the junction and are moving towards our own destination. I promise wherever I am I will always dance, celebrate, joy, fun and live my life.

“The universe is in an especially benevolent mood and frame of mind, and as a result, so is everyone else. What this means to you is that one and all will be in the same outgoing, positive frame of mind you’re almost always in. Sure, it’s nice, but it’s also convenient. You need to make a decision now — but with so many things in your favour, it’ll actually be almost impossible for you to make the wrong one. Lucky you.”


#Love #Respect #peace


Zorba the Greek (film) – Wikipedia

Zorba the Buddha

Sex | Psychology Today

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“Homosexuality” is very famous in the western world. Some of the countries are still  fighting for their right. The appropriate word for this topic is LGBT, Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. It is found that from 1930 people started to talk in public and got viral, though it took so long to legalise. Ancient Egyptian history based on hastily drawn image of homosexual as well as heterosexual sex. From Ramesside period it is found king Niuserre of fifth dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs, circa 2400 BC; gay based on a representation of them embracing nose-to-nose in their shared tomb. Based on middle kingdom story King Neferkare and General Sasenet has an intrigue plot of king’s clandestine gay affair with one of his generals.

China define homosexuality as the passions of the cut peach which is recorded from Han Dynasty approximately 600 BCE. Interesting part is, many Chinese literature were based on homosexuality from ancient time. Middle Eastern cultures took it commonly and many poetry was written on same-sex love. Even today I am remembering this topic. While I compose this blog I have to be in their place and feel it, than write it or I have to be in bank Bedand count the fish. I am in Dilemma. I am choosing difficult one. 

Moving around the world we can meet various category of people. Among them one mass of people which I met are too much onto on sex. I even have no idea that they are pathetically pervert or, there are more to see in this world. It may be the culture hence the reason they are dull on sexual civilisation. It is much more than this words could describe. I am away from their conversation because I have already crossed the path of imaginationary world. For me, it is so surprising because based on my experience talking about sex will be an interesting conversation and there will be discussion which is needed. While I was living in UK I have many friends whom we used to talk for hours and we used to talk about romance too. Table of 8-10 people, eating Turkish dish, Reki (Turkish strong alcohol) and the conversation after midnight because we finish our work at 11, night. We used to jump in the car and find the venue most of the night. Even there used to be equal participant of girls and boys. She used to drop me every night home because I am the last one to live bit far then other. So, we used to talk about sexual experience, funny moments, work time funny incidents like while counting the stock. Most of the stores in UK, is underground. I first time was scared it is like tunnel, I could feel the water in the wall, really cold looks like bunker of soldiers. It used to take an hour to count the stock. Not only that the freezer is on for 24/7 to cool the barrels of beer.

Turkish Reki was always good companion for us. We could just see the snow outside the window we could not feel any cold or wind at all the temperature is normal because of air condition. The fun starts from snowfall. We even don’t have to figure out what it means the laughter goes on and the funny incidents in car, store, bathroom, or in the club, pub or mostly in cemetery. While rolling the bottle game was going on, once the bottle faced towards and the question was “ have you ever had sex in the Church?” This was the question repeated again. It may be because I am from different country, and want to know about me. May be this is the reason I was never treated different, and I was the one who want to go to eat in the restaurant every night, but the problem is transportation. I need to change 3 bus and wait for long time. I hate night buses because of drunk people and waiting time is too long. So, better eat in the restaurant have a gossip, and someone will drop me home. This time was so hard for me, whether to tell the truth or tell lie. They know that there is no doubt in my case, but they want to listen my funny part of story. Most of the story I tell them sounds funny.

“Anybody wants lift home.” Birthday girl sister shouted from the back door of the restaurant. Everyone was so surprised she and her family have just left the restaurant after celebrating her sister’s birthday. And she came back to the restaurant? She is not drunk either.

“He will go, wait.” Everyone pointed me. I was funny, because the last task of restaurant is putting the chair back and I am so lazy to do that always find some other things to do. Today at the right time she made a call. “Sweetheart, do you want wine or whisky.” (The laughter goes on)

“You got the right guy today.” Boss said, (laughs).

In such way, every time is just laugh, laugh and laugh. The funniest thing happened while I came in this country. I was serving one table I just felt something is wrong. Later on I knew they are regular customer from 20 year and they are gay. Another coincidence is always next table customer have a baby. Off course they are noisy, and crying out loud. I saw them every weekend for 6 month every week next table is baby and crying making too much noise. “Do they have any difference if the kids are playing around them, making funny questions, speaking so nicely, having good voice and so innocent, does it makes any difference to them? Do they have any feelings or something?”

Back to the same topic, early in the morning this people talk about sex. They are too onto in search  of brothel. I have never heard any day they managed to find one. May be this is the reason one have already brought sex toy. This is strange OR straight world, people want to buy everything. Everything is so cheap. Hence the reason, LGBT has been spreading like religion, many people are trying to find satisfaction in it. People are so much suffered by trust, love, and expectation. Even brothel have made people much cheaper then they should actually are. There is no law or boundary to control. It is available in every flat, each colony and any city. We all know it but we never wanted to stop it. It will grow more but won’t stop.

I see many LGBT are happier and healthy then other couple here in this city. They got few calls, and social site bullying than other does, they got limited circle than other does, they have fewer but special friends then other does, they have more time than other have, they achieve what they have to than other, they manage to do what they have to do as they are not occupied in such problems like other do. They are LGBT who have limited love, limited friends, limited responsibility, but very lovely people in the world. Who have to face different behaviour for the first time. But they are also able in many things, many of them love playing games, Playstation VR (i.e. For Honor, Ubisoft) They just have to keep in imagination about having kids. They can just feel the stomach of pregnant lady but cant be pregnant. They have to be discriminated by uncivilised people. It is difficult task for them to find the date. They have to face prejudice or violence and hate, still they struggle in the society to be alive. They are tagged as third sex. But they don’t have brothel like we so called heterosexual people have opened.

Symbolic Love

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No one was there to stop me!!

While anyone does not understand a single word, that sounds like anger. Even though the different conversation in any other language than which we are not familiar with that sounds like they are talking about us. It’s been a week or two and the day we went to search for the job, we found one. I was in big trouble when I was selected for trial, as I am even not familiar with a single word. I was speechless. This country and language both are new. But I accepted that job, so, from now onwards I will be working with Chinese team. I have to find the way to sustain and digest each and every conversation. Few things i.e. behave of boss, team work, familiar with the team and task load, managing time, prioritising, actually I was using “Strategic management and Leadership”. This level 7 course helped me a lot. I have no clue what to do? I came back to my room. I really want to thank to my friends who helped me here from day one. I have seen different faces but here, you won’t believe the height of cruelness, selfishness and cheating is more than you can imagine, more than anywhere you have seen (within same ethnic group). None of us want to be in this community just because of one advantage everyone digest and wait for 5 year. But I was with my friends whom I knew from long time back. I was mentally not prepared to start new job from tomorrow half past 10 in the morning. Don’t know what to wear. Finally, next morning, I went to work.

There was no introduction, straight to work. On the same day, while I came back I asked nani those words which are basically used. Similar to mock exam. Now, I have to learn how to tolerant boss argerness. She was short in height, short hairstyle, small eyes, and she raise her hand and bend one finger while she explain something. She has to bare a guy who does not know any words. Now she started to shouting at me in every task I do, everything I do. It is totally different than what I have learnt in UK. There is nothing similar everything is totally different. Now, I feel how people are working in other countries with different language than english.

Luckily, I generate love in those finger, loud voice, this and that. Only person I have to adjust is with boss. She is around all the time. She is so attentive, punctual, and everything she needs in order. Only thing that encourage everyone is love. I feel that she is caring me and supporting me in every step to save me from trouble. She cares me like her own brother, kid (as she is matured old lady, and have a kid same to my age) or showing humanity to me. So, whenever she shout at me I started feeling that she is helping me. She is saving me from disaster. It is not easy for guy like me to bare someone loudness. Still I remember someone asked me toothpick and I gave her pen. Everything I tried but that goes other way round because I tried to compare with english words. Boss was saying me to turn the machine on, I went to close the door. Now, I understand what she actually was saying in that loud voice, “You are lazy, don’t you practice language at home? Buy a book and read practice at home.” My reply was “Yes, Yes”. Whatever she say I used to say “yes yes”, I have learnt few words which helped me a lot to understand basic conversation. Those all were verbs.

It has been a long time now, and now she is tired of me, she stopped saying anything. I cross my finger and sometime I expect someone to speak english with me, so that I could show my performance better, at least I could smile once. Whoever, I serve, I make sure they are satisfied and even though I don’t know language. Whatever she says repeat that word and used to ask my colic and she used to explain what that means. Luckily both of them could understand what I was saying. They taught me a lot of tricks and ideas how to make my task easier and understand what anyone is saying?

Now, I knew few words, still if I miss one word that will lead to different meaning as today she asked me to close the door than come and help her as she was so busy, I opened the door and was walking slowly, again she shouted I again said “yes”. She is fed-up, her reaction has changed these days, she just nudge her head and walked away. My reaction is as usual, smile, love, respect, and peace. Still this is helping me to survive and sustain in this totally different environment, different country with different language. A guy, born in village, foundation in town, grown up in city, dare to fly and spend teenage in abroad, today, still I dare to dream in the same way which I used to do; I dream while I am awake, because this will help to find the way to achieve it.

Felt good that I have learnt a lot from everyone, seen many things, known many people, worked with different culture and work place environment, listened various gossip, suffered from many things, reading habit, travelling, and achieving are helping me to keep my mind empty. Many things are left behind, some were beautiful, which I still miss them, some were worst I took them as a lesson. I still believe that – I am just the doer, god is deriving me.

Today, I feel really good that she helped me a lot thought I don’t know the language, which no one does here in abroad. I have worked with many people, in different companies, workplaces, but I felt warmth working here. I don’t have to listen any unnecessary things, work appraisal and work place environment is so good. As a result, today I am enjoying working with Chinese team and Chinese team are happy with my performance. We all smile at work, we all eat in same table, and I rarely hear loud voice and it has been long time I have not seen her finger. We have a conversation everyday. I am able to make her laugh. I felt really good with those philosophical words, many books, novels, academic qualification and adopting things quickly is helped me to survive even at hell, now this hell is turned into a heaven where everyone smile, share and positive vibe around.

Always, respect, love, and that will generate peace. This is the key of success.

Respect, Love and Peace.

A long time back

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After a long interval I am back again to write and share what I learn in my daily life. Its my first blog after I arrive Edinburgh, Scotland. I arrive here on 28th of Janyary, 2011 in Student Visa. I will be here for two years.

Everything is new for me at Edinburgh. I am enjoying here too. My work at Pizza hut is helping to pay rent, food, drinks a can of beer and some scotch.

In last days I used to invited by some of the local scottish people but now a days I am not getting any call or email from them. I take part in Ceilidh dance too. This is traditional dance. It is surrounded by ocean in eastern part and northern part,

This is the beginning of the blog, I want to write blog everyday, but I am lazy so I am not writing.

Its time to cook. Today is my turn, so I will make curry of green leaf.


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2066/6/24 I have collected the information of patient (Ranke, Rolpa); Chandrakala Rana. I have made a paragraph and information from them. This information is collected with directly interacting with Patient’s (Chandrakala Rana) husband Sarvajeet Rana. From last three month Chandra kala is ill, body is swelling. They do treatment with local doctor, but there were no changes. They went to Dang for better treatment and waited for result. When there was not any progress in her wife’s health they have decide to come Kathmandu by selling their property. Without any reason Chandrakala is ill, body swelling is her symptom. Before 14 year she was suffered from Tuberculosis’ and after taking medicine for 18 years from Dang Hospital she was recovered. Its second time she is hospitalized in Teaching Hospital in one month. In the very beginning they come to Teaching and after the treatment in emergency ward they were discharged. They paid Rs. 3000 at Hospital. Though doctor said to take medicine and it will recovered but again the disease increases. They went for better treatment in Alka Hospital, hospitalized for 8 days. During one month she is being hospitalized for 3 times. Now she is in cabin of Teaching Hospital and within this one month’s duration they have spend Rs. 59,000. He is walking with cash Rs. 1,000. According to Sarvajeet Rana he sold his land of Rolpa worth Rs. 60,000; currently he has Rs. 1,000 cash in hand. None were seriously ill like this before. Chandra Kala is only one who got serious illness. He has 9 family members with father mother and one son with four daughters they all age below 16 yrs. Meanwhile she is hospitalized in Teaching Hospital and her infant of three months is in Rolpa. Professionally Sarvajeet works as porter; from it he earns Rs 150 per day and works for 20 days a month. So his monthly earning is Rs. 3,000; disposable income per member is Rs. 333. It depends on time sometime he have no works to do. Though, food grains are major source in family but the grains are not sufficient for them; with those crops they eat for not more than three months. They are waiting in Teaching hospital for some magic or some person who could show them way for Chandrakala’s treatment. Once they have come to Kathmandu from Rolpa Rankh VDC-3 for treatment, they still do not know how long does it takes to recover. They have no more money and no more people to ask for money and no more land to sell…….

Liver Transplation (Nepalese Context)

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Hi all,

In the context of Nepal – we are far from many facilities even we do not know from that disease we are suffering from. I am sharing one true story of one child here it goes like this- Ayush is a 3 years boy of a middle class family from central Nepal. Ayush’s parents were so happy when they got him as a first baby. But happiness did not remain longer. Since 3rd month of his birth, he has been suffering from jaundice cause by Alagille Syndrome.

You can directly follow above link for this Several efforts were made to cure him and many doctors examined but not able to properly diagnose. He has then taken to India for treatment and the Doctor recommended him for liver transplantation. It was recommended 2 years ago. But due to lack of financial resources and lack of proper knowledge about the liver transplantation, his parents postponed the liver transplantation. Currently, he is suffering more and needs help from you. Your suggestions and supports can save him. Please help him by sharing your knowledge, experiences and resource that could give life of a young child. Few of Ayush family are helping him. Now, his father is planning to support such liver suffered people of Nepal in any way he can. In Nepal there we do not get better treatment, one can transplantation liver, from India. How is it possible for the low economic status people. Pls forward this message to as many as you can as we need to start supporting such children. It is not the story of Ayush only, one day this problem suffer in our family as well.can happened in your family as well. I am sending this email without any selfishness; I can do whatever I could for the best of the society.


CHEERS for you support.