Dear Voters,

My best wishes for the candidates from different parties and congratulations for all voters who are participating in Local election after 20 years holding on 14th may, 2017. I am not sure whether many candidate can have access to this blog or not but I cannot stop myself from sharing my thought regarding the election candidate of Kathmandu metropolitan city. I have been reading/watching interviews, article, news, clips in social media, mixed thoughts, criticism, inspiration regarding mayor candidates in Kathmandu city, Nepal. As a youth it is my responsibility to think about nation.

Today, being judgemental I have my vote to Rajnu Darshana. I have considered her as’

  1. Brigham Young – ‘ You educate a man ; you educate a man . You educate a woman ; You educategeneration.’ We have seen many experienced, educated and good political background candidate. Its us we should judge whom we want to taught. Or leave it for Rakshasic nature same face politicians. (Rakshasa does various sorts of harm and injury to others for their own selfishness)
  2. . She is representing whole nation. She  stood up to fulfill the pending task of Kathmandu Metropolitan city from decades and to heal the importance of “Metropolitan”. She is dreaming nation without carrying anyone’s philosophy (i.e Marxist, Guevara, Rousseau, Mao, B.P. Koirala, Ganeshman, any martyrs, or anyone) which in a sense also proves that she has hot blood of patriotism, which encourages many teenager to make platform rather than dreaming abroad.
  3. “Vote for the candidate who cares our interest.” But this time we should not forget the suffering and many problems which we are facing every moment while we are walking in the pavement of the city or any office. The hassel which we are facing is because there is leakage, leakage of system, coordination and management. We are not ready to accept this digital age. We care our interest, we want “MY” task to accomplish, we want “MY” house to be modern. We hardly dream “OUR” nation to lead. This is the right time to begin and accept the youth and female leadership.
  4. Capitalism is dynamic formation and destruction by self. Ranju Darshana is already far from all these dirty game instead of match fixing she is ready to work together, she do not have to fix the matrix between opposition parties or businessman. 

  5. Daily newspaper and television interview proves that she is coming with limited dream which can be fulfilled in her Mayor lifeline. Her words, opinion, and masterplan are not Subsistence-based, Feudalism, Capitalism, Communism or not even not Socialism. Her simple vision is to make our dream come true. Wow!! Kathmandu.
  6. Why, we are not ready to accept change? Are we still in the same early male-dominant society? Limited female are born in the world who dare to come in-front of the Nation. She is one of them. It is possible only if we be in her place and think that is my dream too, let’s be proud with Ranju Darshana’s step. We voted Anuradha Koirala for CNN hero, we voted Prashant Tamang for Indian Idol, we voted for Pushpa Basnet for CNN hero. It is true if we want we will make it. Let’s join our hand, let us give her platform to make our dream city.
  7. “This leaf cures cancer.”
    “Cut down all the trees, patent and synthesise that sucker.” This is what we were taught in the past. Let’s save the tree, let it spread and let’s many more youth engage in the development of the nation. We are looking for role model for our nation. We must address her courage, attitude, self-esteem, enthusiasm, her lively interest to build the nation. We have heard hours long speech, manifesto, constitution and 17,8-00 killed still 1,300 missing in the name of civil war in Nepal (1996-2006). Unfortunately, till today morning headline we are compelled to read news of corruption and different agreement which is unhealthy for the nation. Isn’t it is time to begin from youth? 

  8. Let’s not be mean to stand for Ranju Darshana, she stood to bring change in the nation, she is smart, have courage she could have easily gone abroad and settled her, she can easily engaged in job, she can be TV host, she can easily get any chance in the movie, she can be public speaker, or many more opportunities she could get. Leaving all the opportunities that could make her life much more easier she stood for the World. Knowing the hurdle, she stood to wipe tears of bereaved parents, and courage for youth.
  9. It is possible, as an example Sadiq Khan become mayor of London. Among all English candidate he won the election. Tomorrow Ranju Darshana will won the election. My best wishes is for Ranju Darshan. #VoteRanjuDarshan

My best wishes,